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HAL149’s Initial Idea and Some Questions

HAL149's Initial Idea and Some Questions

Integrated Marketing Solution

Initially, HAL149 was conceived as a comprehensive solution to present and sell any product, emphasising the synchronisation of web, bots and other elements for effective lead generation.

Approach was to offer campaigns based on analysis and strategy design with a freemium model: Free basic strategies, Plan for assistance in defining strategies, or Custom for a bespoke project for programmatic conversion campaigns.

The Original Idea of HAL149

The original idea was more focused on analysis and market intelligence through ‘alt-data’, with real-time analysis of customer and competitor online behaviour. But also in the form of an AI Assistant organised into modules for different business applications:

  • ANALYSIS. Information and analysis based on ‘altdata’. Real-time information on the online behaviour of customers and competitors: searches, transactions, advertising offers, geographical segmentation, etc.
  • CONTENT. Automatic content generation and publishing. Newsbot trained with news or content to generate content. Publication on web and social profiles to become a reference and increase the time spent on the web.
  • ENGAGEMENT. 24×7 customer service. Chatbot trained in real time with the customer’s inventory and content. 24×7 support for potential customers, data collection for further processing.

AI for Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service enables fast and personalised responses to queries. It improves efficiency, reduces costs and provides an enhanced customer experience, which is essential for companies seeking a competitive advantage.

HAL149 uses generative AI to analyse real-time data, generate content, provide pre-sales and 24×7 customer support through a chatbot and optimise the conversion environment to increase profitability. In our case, the system works as an assistant to your business, organised by functionalities or modules. This could be packaged in the future for each sector: real estate, automotive, etc.

some questions about how HAL149 was started


I work in AI and I believe it is an opportunity for everyone. Join me by following my posts or by signing up for HAL149, the custom-trained AI assistant for your company.