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AI-Powered Websites in HAL149

With artificial intelligence (AI), businesses face a new paradigm of competition. It is no longer simply about competing with similar products or services, but competing with organisations that use an AI-powered website as a tool to improve their online visibility and offerings.

A recent news story puts the spotlight on AI-powered websites. LinkedIn is testing a new paid subscription called ‘LinkedIn Premium Company Page’ aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

For fees as high as $99 a month, this subscription will offer AI assistance for creating content, as well as new tools to increase follower numbers and raise the company’s profile on the platform. LinkedIn already offers premium services and they are a very lucrative business for the company: $1.7 billion by 2023.

This news tells us that we at HAL149 are on the right track. One of the main offers we make with AI Commercials is to be able to have your own AI website. For example a customised landing page for any topic or business, or a corporate website updated by AI.

The truth is that for technical and political reasons it is difficult to make any kind of change on company websites. Even more so if it consists of integrating an AI content generation system.

But now with our AI websites you can have a new corporate website that updates itself with AI, or a website to generate customers through campaigns.

In the near future your website will be competing against other businesses that use AI in their day to day operations. What are you going to do to fight that war? We suggest you fight with the same tools – contact us for more information!.

AI Powered Website in HAL149


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