AI Assistants to Grow Your Business

Your custom-trained Virtual AI assistant powered by GPT technology, to help your business grow 24/7
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HAL149 provides AI assistants specialised in various tasks such as analysis, content generation and social engagement.

Our Offering

HAL149 provides AI assistants specialised in various tasks such as analysis, content generation and social engagement.

AI Salesman

Pre-sales tasks involving lead generation and providing prospects with product informatiom

AI Community Manager

Maintaining the personal profile or company page on LinkedIn, and other social networks regularly

AI Copywriter

Write and publish original articles of professional quality on a regular basis

AI Analyst

Integrating and analysing alternative data sources to generate market intelligence

Engage More, Market More

Custom training for each client and HAL149’s GPT technology enable human and qualified interactions, improving website engagement, lead generation and sales.

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HAL149 AI Assistants to Engage and Market More
explanation on how hal149 works

How Does HAL149 Work?

Each AI assistant operates on a custom-trained model based on customer and industry information. The model continuously learns as more news and offers are published, in a continuous process:


How does HAL149 differ from other solutions?

HAL149 stands out due to the training of its assistants and the specialisation of its tools.

Each AI model is trained 24×7 at both the business sector and customer level, resulting in accurate interactions and preventing hallucinations.

Furthermore, HAL149’s offering is organised around specialised tools, ensuring complete customisation for each client.

Can I use HAL149 for lead generation?
Yes, AI Assistants are designed to work 24/7 to increase sales for your business. They can be integrated with landing pages and programmatic advertising campaigns to interact with prospects and generate leads.
How is an AI Assistant trained?

Typically, training involves using a corpus of data consisting of online content and business documents.

This information is adapted by an AI Trainer and integrated into the client’s model using various procedures.

Training on industry information is ongoing. We will be updating information on this training for specific industries and topics in the coming weeks.

How long does it take to train an AI Assistant?

The training time depends on the format (PDFs, Word, etc.) and the amount of information in your company.

Ongoing training with sector information is conducted by crawling news items, which are then incorporated into the IA Assistant.

Does ChatGPT have access to my company's information?

ChatGPT only has access to the information used in the fine-tuning training process of the AI Assistant. 

For company data we use a separate index using the embeddings training procedure.

This ensures the separation of the base model while maintaining the reliability of the answers.

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