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The Monty Hall Problem

They key to understand the 3 Doors or  Monty Hall game is to realize that we are choosing the wrong door with a much higher probability than the right one (66 vs 33% apro...

AI Architects: The New Programmers

…the programmer only specifies a template, which encodes multiple potential algorithms, and the machine learns the optimal algorithms using training data. The template maps to some region in the whole algorithmic space — the space of all possible algorithms.

Establishing Causality: Part 1

Being able to establish causality is powerful. It gives you the right to use the word “because” in a conversation. Our sales increased because we have changed the website layout. The crime rate dropped because of the new preventive policy that has been introduced.

Messy Data is Beautiful

Data scientists have always been expected to curate data into ‘aha’ moments and tell stories that can reach a wider business audience. But what is the cost of this curation?

The real signal is in the noise

Data Engineering Technologies 2021

Complete curated list of emerging technologies in Data Engineering:
– Abacus AI, enterprise AI with AutoML, similar space to DataRobot.
– Algorithmia, enterprise MLOps.
– Amundsen, an open-sourced data discovery and metadata engine.
– Anodot, monitors all your data in real-time for lightning-fast detection of incidents…

Multilayer Perceptron Explained with a Real-Life Example and Python Code: Sentiment Analysis

This series of articles focuses on Deep Learning algorithms, which have been getting a lot of attention in the last few years, as many of its applications take center stage in our day-to-day life. From self-driving cars to voice assistants, face recognition or the ability to transcribe speech into text.

These applications are just the tip of the iceberg. A long path of research and incremental applications has been paved since the early 1940’s. The improvements and widespread applications we’re seeing today are the culmination of the hardware and data availability catching up with computational demands of these complex methods.

Features are the New Data

ML Features are the attributes, properties, or data variables that ML models use during training and inference to make predictions.

ML Features are the data variables that are most useful in making predictions that deliver quantifiable financial impact.

How AR and VR are Transforming the Future of Businesses

Augmented and virtual realities are two crucial components for businesses these days. Many business projects are seeing improvement due to AR and VR. Also, there are various training programs available to teach people how to use them. Here, we’ll look at how AR and VR play an essential role in improving businesses.

Researchers: The Universe Simulated Itself Into Existence

A new hypothesis says the universe self-simulates itself in a “strange loop”. A paper from the Quantum Gravity Research institute proposes there is an underlying panconsciousness. The work looks to unify insight from quantum mechanics with a non-materialistic perspective.

How real are you? What if everything you are, everything you know, all the people in your life as well as all the events were not physically there but just a very elaborate simulation? Philosopher Nick Bostrom famously considered this in his seminal paper “Are you living in a computer simulation?,” where he proposed that all of our existence may be just a product of very sophisticated computer simulations ran by advanced beings whose real nature we may never be able to know. Now a new theory has come along that takes it a step further – what if there are no advanced beings either and everything in “reality” is a self-simulation that generates itself from pure thought?

Paul Ratner, “New hypothesis argues the universe simulates itself into existence” at Big Think (April 26, 2020) (A podcast is available.)