Notes from The Singularity

A Facebook Web Browser to Access Metaverse

Not many people are aware that the metaverse is the answer from FB to Apple, who blocked all traffic and ad reporting in their devices (eg FB pixel).

馃數 The Rules of the Gatekeepers

For years Zuckerberg has been beholden to the rules of app gatekeepers Alphabet’s Google and #Apple.

This means: paying their fees and following edicts such as the App Tracking Transparency prompt that will knock about $14 billion off Facebook’s ad sales this year.… Read more...

Spiral Dynamics Integral

Conflict and cultural wars are a part of society. They happen when different groups of people have different values and beliefs. These differences can lead to misunderstanding and mistrust. When th...

The Rubik’s Cube – one of the world’s best selling toys – is a 3D puzzle that was invented by Hungarian professor of architecture Ern艖 Rubik in 1974.

There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible arrangements of the cube!

馃數 Some interesting facts:

馃搶 43 quintillions is a number so large that you could easily come up with an arrangement that no human has ever achieved before.… Read more...

NFTs are NOT Securities

The US SEC wants to determine if creators and exchanges are using digital assets like NFTs to raise funds like traditional securities.

馃數 Securities are fungible and tradable financial instruments used to raise capital in public and private markets.

But let us remember that #NFTs are not:

馃搶 Equities (they do not generate dividends),
馃搶 Debt (they do not generate interest).…

Are you a startup? Don麓t make this mistake

Too many #startups confuse big vision and trying to solve universal truths.

Big vision is important. You need a lofty, change-the-world type goal. But trying to solve things at that level uses to mean that you ain’t solving day-by-day problems.

When selling to customers, founders make the mistake of making a question that can only have one possible answer and when they get that answer they use it as a justification for their solution.… Read more...

The Metaverse is Flat

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the short term and underestimate the change that will occur in the long term.

The metaverse will be no exception

馃數 The technology roadmap for accessing the metaverse was initially:

1锔忊儯 VR glasses first,
2锔忊儯 Smart lenses,
3锔忊儯 Brain implants.

But reality is that:

馃搶 Most users won鈥檛 pay for an overpriced $300 #VR device.… Read more...

Hoy a las 2am tuvo lugar el equinoccio, y empez贸 el Oto帽o. El Sol est谩 en Libra.

El hemisferio norte empieza a perder m谩s radiaci贸n de la que recibe del Sol. Pero la energ铆a acumulada en la tierra y el mar hace que la transici贸n al invierno suela ser violenta.

Lo grande se refleja en lo peque帽o: la inestabilidad propia del final de ciclo natural induce la percepci贸n de final de ciclo hist贸rico en el subconsciente colectivo (cuando las condiciones son propicias).… Read more...

Mastering chaos For activities with clear and established rules, such as sports, chess, or music, the only way to succeed is to practice more than others. But for activities with evolvin...

The West is trapped in group thinking. You can't talk about anything you don't like because it's not positive, or it might offend someone. The result is that everyone ends up having the s...

Our Universe is actually a #Metaverse Time, space and ego are a matter of perspective. Connect to your inner self to find true reality!. (Credit to @TansuYegen for the video)

Forget quantum mechanics; #LEGO is the real substance of things when you see life as a child.

NFTs: In the end it will all come down to brands

Here鈥檚 a prediction for NFTs: In the end it will all come down to brands.

This is why:

What makes an NFT project valuable? 3 things:

1锔忊儯 Purpose
2锔忊儯 Utility
3锔忊儯 Community

Who are the established players with tons of purpose, utility and community? brands.

馃憠 #Brands are the winners.

And here鈥檚 another bonus point: regulation is coming, and it鈥檚 a regulatory tidal wave.… Read more...

The Ascent of CBDCs

More than half of the world鈥檚 central banks are exploring or developing digital currencies

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are digital versions of cash that are issued and regulated by central banks. As such, they are more secure and inherently not volatile, unlike crypto assets.

While some may assume that #CBDCs are a new concept, they have in fact been around for three decades.… Read more...

Ever wonder what the value of this expression is?

here麓s an estimation using a few lines of code and reaching 10e10 in exponentially increasing steps.

Most #DataScience and #AI arrives to conclusions that people already know, but faster.

The real challenge is in finding things we really don’t know.

Even more: finding things we don’t know that we don’t know.

Valuation of Crypto Projects

Lets review some notes on valuation of crypto projects, using technical (network) valuation and community valuation.

The problem with predicting the movements of #cryptocurrencies or any other digital asset is that, since most of them do not generate future income (like stocks), it is not possible to calculate a long-term price or #LTV for them.… Read more...

Network Effects on Fiat vs Cryptocurrencies

Traditional #fiat currencies work because each one has in parallel a more or less extensive market where it is used and accepted. The value of money depends precisely on that acceptance.

In contrast, the concept of cryptocurrency is intrinsic to a #blockchain. The two cannot be separated because the former are not really currencies (the name is misleading), but essential parts of a blockchain through which #value is transmitted.… Read more...