Notes from The Singularity

How can ChatGPT make logical reasoning and build mathematical models, in a way that mimics human thinking? This models can learn to perform symbolic reasoning by training on large datasets o...

Labor Market Impact Potential of AI

Until 200 years ago, most people worked in agriculture, productivity was terrible, and famine was common.

Then the machines came along and other problems arose, but food shortages and malnutrition were a thing of the past.

AI will automate all jobs that can be automated.

Anything that can be automated should be automated.…

Automating Business: A New Business Architecture Powered by AI

A paradigm shift is underway where all company information will be processed as a whole, by interconnected and automated systems.

Vertical siloes will become obsolete as concepts like marketing, operations or management give way to intelligent, horizontal processes.

This will impact small-medium businesses first, starting with new 1-person businesses fully native to AI.… Read more...

GPT-4 + Midjourney V5 = A New Era of Photography?

Discussing the potential of Generative AI, specifically GPT-4 and Midjourney V5, to revolutionize the photography industry. The two technologies work together to generate high-quality images based on textual descriptions.

Priming process of GPT-4, its ability to comprehend context, and how it generates detailed prompts that cater to various themes and styles.… Read more...