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Artificial Intelligence is Never the Product

In technology and marketing, one of the biggest challenges is positioning, as it is very easy to fall into the trap of selling the technology instead of the real value of the product.

At HAL149 we have bots that can be trained to manage social profiles or write articles. However, no one hires them just because they are created with AI. People buy a Community Manager or an AI chatbot because 1) it delivers better results than a human and 2) it is cheaper.

It’s the same with customer acquisition: who would buy a campaign just because it’s run with AI? Companies want results, regardless of how they were generated.

It is true that in all technologies there are a few ‘early adopters’ willing to make an investment in order to experiment and know more than others. But they are too few to condition the real growth of a business.

In order to really sell products because they incorporate AI, we need to deliver value that humans could not provide so far, in a way that is clear, compelling, much cheaper and much more effective than previous solutions. At least 10 times better in all metrics. This is part of our battle.

Keeping clear ideas about where the market is going is not easy with so much noise. The key is to focus on the real needs of the customer. AI is still for most companies a ‘nice to have’, something that for the moment only promises. Few go beyond generating stunning visuals or doing prompt engineering stunts.

AI is not the product, but the tool to build solutions to problems. Now that we are releasing a SaaS version of HAL149, we must reduce complexity, explain and educate customers, and focus obsessively on value and product.


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