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Generative AI for Businesses: Where and How to Apply It

IA Generativa para Empresas Dónde y Cómo Aplicarla

Today, it is impossible to ignore the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). From the new generation of generative chatbots to models capable of generating (almost) any image (or very soon, video), the pace of development in the field of AI has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Particularly intriguing is the field of generative AI, where we observe a growing number of models that can create images, text, video, and music.

These advancements have captured the popular imagination, leading some companies to rush into incorporating AI in the quest for the ‘holy grail’ that enables them to automate products, services, and processes.

How to leverage all that is published? What part of this technology is truly applicable now to enhance the bottom line? Where and how should AI be used? Reality is that the landscape of AI is complex and challenging to navigate.

In the upcoming articles, I will explore the significance of generative AI models and analyze different perspectives on how to leverage them effectively.

Generative AI for Businesses Where and How to Apply It


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