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AI Assistants to Help your Business Sell More

asistentes ia para ayudar a tu negocio a vender mas

At HAL149, our mission is to help companies sell more thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). If you need to present, explain or sell products, this will be of interest to you!

Introducing AI Assistants

Custom-trained AI with industry knowledge and information about your business
– They can assist your customers 24/7 in any language
– And they can also create and publish content

What is an AI Assistant?

An AI assistant is an AI that has been custom trained to act as a virtual salesperson. It is based on GPT technology and can therefore interact with customers in natural language. Some of the tasks it can perform are: customer service, pre-sales, lead generation, etc.

It is like having a ChatGPT working for your business, but trained to help you increase sales 24/7.

Preventing Hallucinations

The great challenge of the GPT technology is to give correct answers to factual questions and to avoid hallucinations. To solve this problem, we use application-specific training.

Our AI assistants are trained using data from your business and industry content. And it is updated in real time by crawling news feeds and updating your website.

Training the model is a continuous process, enabling you to handle information-related queries reliably and in real time.

Multi-functional AI Assistants

As well as interacting with customers, our assistants can regularly publish professional-quality articles and keep your company’s social profiles up to date.

Customer interactions can be conducted in any language, and can be reviewed later for lead generation.

Optionally, in programmatic advertising campaigns, we can create landing pages that incorporate AI assistants – no more losing valuable, costly visits to your website! Traffic is no longer just a statistic in analytics, improving the metrics and return on results-driven campaigns.

Interested in learning more?

I encourage you to contact us and explore the options for your business together. Now is the time to start learning. In a very short time, companies that use this technology will have a competitive advantage.

If you just want to follow us for now, I encourage you to register at HAL149. We will be sending out a regular newsletter examining the evolution of generative AI, its impact on business and the future of many professions.

ai assistants to help your business sell more


I work in AI and I believe it is an opportunity for everyone. Join me by following my posts or by signing up for HAL149, the custom-trained AI assistant for your company.