Most undervalue the importance of personal connection, and overvalue facts, data and things for their own sake. But nothing you know is of any use to you if you can’t put it into practice. Or share and debate with another. Nothing you have is of any use if you can’t enjoy it with someone else.

World functions like a network, because its actually a network. This scenario is very different from 100 years ago, when the ‘mastery’ and knowledge idea was important for your personal development and career.

Best ideas use to come from social interaction, not just from being alone. Tests and issues are to be tried right away, or left to be treated later on. Passion and persistance is behind most of the success, not smartness.

Success and opportunities appear as the result of making connections. Connecting people and connecting ideas. Then, viral, network, or exponential effects can take place. A single connection and a little exchange of ideas can help you to achieve more than years of ‘hard work’ and differential increments.