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Ulf Persson shares his thoughts on AI with Purpose

The Arc of AI in Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ingrained itself into our daily lives, unfolding its impact across multiple sectors. Whether it’s curated playlists on Spotify or voice interactions with Siri, AI has made remarkable strides in offering personalised and streamlined experiences.

The emergence of large language models (LLMs) has revolutionised both the practical capability and the perception of AI. These novel advancements naturally beget a question: How can businesses harness this potential of AI, and where should they focus first?

AI Market Potential and Barriers

As business leaders reflect on their AI strategies, the potential benefits are as conspicuous as the challenges. In the United Kingdom, the AI market is already valued at £16.8bn and is estimated to surge to £801.6bn by 2035, indicating the sector’s vast and swift growth.

However, barriers such as high costs, security issues, and accuracy concerns can impede AI adoption. Notably, not all AI solutions are beneficial for every business issue, hence the need for selective implementation.

Overcoming Adoption Barriers

ABBYY CEO Ulf Persson outlines several strategies to mitigate these challenges. Firstly, putting timing into context is vital. With AI tools developing at a rapid pace, flexibly adapting strategies to the transforming landscape is crucial for staying competitive.

Identifying specific areas requiring improvement can help businesses design advanced process intelligence tools, which offer predictive capabilities and process simulation. It facilitates a pragmatic approach of implementing AI, focusing on precise areas rather than adopting a universal solution.

The Concept of AI with Purpose

For successful AI integration, having a clear purpose is central where AI can augment other technologies. As stressed by Persson, AI should primarily be employed to enhance results cost-effectively. This is what ABBYY defines as AI with a purpose.

Emphasising this standpoint, AI can optimise the success of intelligence document processing tools at various stages in the process, saving costs and improving quality while broadening the tool’s functional scope.

Navigating Regulatory and Trust Issues

Adopting AI at a strategic level necessitates an organisational culture shift. It’s essential to reassure both senior and junior staff that AI’s purpose is to augment activities rather than substitute human roles. Engaging employees on the journey of understanding AI can potentially yield better task automation and job satisfaction.

Indeed, data from TechRadar and PwC Adoption Study found that 87% of employees find AI beneficial for their work life, preferring a mix of human and AI interventions to resolve problems. However, an alarming 61% of business leaders struggle to explain their AI-based decisions.

As AI regulation comes into effect, such as the European Union’s AI Act, businesses must be prepared to address bias in AI algorithms, ensure fairness, and maintain accountability.

Importance of Purpose-Built AI

Purpose-built AI can simplify compliance with the EU AI Act as it caters specifically to tasks and regulations, improving transparency, reducing bias, and allowing easier auditing.

Embracing a focused and well thought-out approach to AI investment — AI with a purpose — will assist businesses in securing meaningful and quick gains from AI adoption. This will foster further AI adoption while enhancing transparency and securing regulatory compliance while building internal AI competencies balancing technology advances with purposeful implementation.

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