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Incorporating AI Throughout the Marketing Strategy

Embracing AI in Marketing Strategies

The landscape of advertising and customer engagement is evolving, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). With Google’s decision to extend the retirement of third-party cookies, the growing importance of new technologies like AI in streamlining marketing operations becomes more evident. According to the Movable Ink’s 2024 Audience of One report, a whopping 95% of marketers believe that automation of manual processes allows for a more strategic focus.

Aligning AI for Business Needs

For businesses looking to leverage AI, a holistic strategy is crucial. AI isn’t just about one function or application: it transverses a multitude of marketing areas, including campaign optimization, data analysis, personalization, SEO, and even idea generation. Movable Ink’s CEO, Vivek Sharma, encourages marketers to harness the full potential of AI to redefine customer engagement and deliver a substantial return on investment.

AI for Upgrade in Consumer Analytics

One of the significant AI capabilities that marketers are utilizing is consumer behavior tracking. Whether it’s demographics, past purchases, or browsing patterns, AI tools can analyze a large volume of data, yielding invaluable insights. By understanding customer behavior on a granular level, marketers can tailor campaigns to individual preferences and predict future needs, thus enhancing the overall customer experience.

Generative AI Making Waves

Among the numerous AI technologies, Generative AI (GenAI) is gaining significant attention. A recent survey by Prosper Insights & Analytics showed that 77% of respondents are familiar with GenAI, and about a quarter of them utilize it for content creation. Based on audience data, GenAI can produce audience-centric narratives—though it’s crucial to remember the irreplaceable value of human innovation when crafting the final message.

Personalization as Key

In recent years, personalized customer interactions have become an expectation, not a bonus. With the help of AI, the delivery of more customized customer experiences becomes a tangible reality. Markers can leverage AI to curate content or product recommendations based on customer behavioral analytics, empowering companies to deliver highly personalized messages at scale.

AI in Business Settings

Companies are already seeing the benefits of personalization powered by AI. For instance, Etsy recently launched ‘Gift Mode’: a feature that combines GenAI and human curation to deliver tailored gift guide suggestions. Similarly, Domino’s is implementing AI to optimize its ordering process.

AI in Heightened SEO and Campaign Monitoring

AI is also instrumental in enhancing search engine optimization (SEO) through comprehensive keyword research, content optimization, and understanding user behavior. Moreover, AI’s analytics can also provide insights on campaign performance and asset performance. Using this information, marketers can make data-driven adjustments and evaluate the impact effectively.

Life Made Easier for Marketers

With the burden of data analysis and campaign optimization transferred to AI, marketers can focus more on creative, high-value tasks. Moreover, the AI-driven approach aids in managing campaigns strategically, positively impacting ROI reporting and overall performance.HAL149 develops AI assistants to automate online tasks, making businesses more efficient and unlocking potential for growth. Contact us for more information.

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