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Building AI products in the ChatGPT era: Am I too late?

You may think you missed the boat on the AI behind ChatGPT, but the truth is, the field is still nascent. OpenAI only had around 300 employees when they released ChatGPT, and only a small group actually worked on the AI.

These were the top experts, with PhDs from places like Harvard. They were able to create a huge impact with a relatively small team. That’s because AI development, unlike regular software, doesn’t require massive manpower.

So don’t worry about being too late. There’s still plenty of room to use current AI models like ChatGPT in innovative ways. Very few businesses are doing that effectively right now.

Instead of getting caught up in the ChatGPT hype, focus on building a strong foundation in machine learning and deep learning. Understand the underlying math and algorithms – that’s the key to leveraging AI to create new products.

The problem: most of the free courses on the internet are not well structured, and a good structure is one of the secrets to learning machine learning and artificial intelligence in general.

Besides, the few courses on generative AI seem to focus on the most basic level of use of these models: prompt engineering.

Ignore the existential risk scaremongering. Current AI is far from perfect or sentient. It simply organizes information in useful ways. With the right skills, you can be part of pushing this technology forward in the years to come.

The AI revolution is still in its early days. If you develop the right expertise, you haven’t missed anything – the best is yet to come!.

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