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Using Generative AI to Foster Empathetic Customer Relationships

Revolutionizing Customer Care with Generative AI

Researchers from the National Taiwan University and the University of Maryland have made a remarkable contribution to the field of customer service. They’ve keenly scrutinized the potential of Generative AI (GenAI) in enhancing business-customer relationships through empathetic care. The research findings, titled “The Caring Machine: Feeling AI for Customer Care,” have been published in a peer-reviewed Journal of Marketing article, with the spotlight on fact-checked, trusted, and proofread attributes.

The AI Debate in Customer Relationships

In the past decade, players in the technology and marketing space have wrestled with the question of whether artificial intelligence (AI) can effectively manage customer emotions and foster long-term relationships. The study examines how firms can deploy GenAI in providing not just a quick-fix customer service but one empathetic to the needs and emotions of the customer to foster enduring relationships.

Customer Care in Marketing

Customer care transcends product problem-solving or influencing customer purchasing decisions. It involves creating emotional connections with customers with the aim of fostering a sense of belonging and understanding. As Roland T. Rust explains, customer care isn’t just about being good—it can also improve a firm’s bottom line as emotionally invested clients are loyal and contribute to steady profits.

GenAI refers to deep-learning models developed by tech giants such as OpenAI’s GPT, Microsoft’s Bing, Google’s Bard, and IBM’s WatsonX. These models leverage gigantic data sets they’ve been trained on to generate new content in response to specific user input. This learning ability from large amounts of human-generated data enables GenAI to generate responses that appear humanlike.

The Birth of the ‘Feeling AI’

Through the combination of these attributes, GenAI ushers in a new era of ‘Feeling AI’. This AI is designed for human interaction and communication, recognizes and expresses empathetic understanding of user emotions, generates context-based empathetic responses, and provides insights that help address the user’s emotional challenges.

Lessons for Marketers and CMOs

This study presents an innovated AI-enabled customer journey that incorporates accurate emotion recognition, empathetic response, helpful emotional management, and the establishment of an emotional bond. The researchers surveyed 305 U.S. chief marketing and customer officers across various industries and company sizes to gain insights into their pain points and benefits of using AI in customer care.

While the debate on fully automating the customer care journey persists, the study presents several points for marketers to consider, such as accurate emotional recognition and understanding, providing helpful solutions, and creating emotional connections. The researchers found that having a caring machine with sufficient self-awareness was critical for distinguishing itself from the customer and the firm.

For more information: DOI: 10.1177/00222429231224748

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