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Predicted job in AI future of humanity.

Predicted job in AI future of humanity.

Predicted job in AI future of humanity.

AI Ethics Officer: Mainstream by 2028 🌟

An AI Ethics Officer ensures AI technologies are developed and used responsibly, ethically, and fairly across society, influencing business strategies and regulations.

Technical skills needed include a strong foundation in AI, data analysis, regulatory compliance, and ethical frameworks, plus proficiency in Python or R for testing AI models.

Personal traits required are empathy, integrity, critical thinking, and strong communication skills, along with a passion for balancing technological innovation with societal well-being.

To qualify for this role, read books on AI ethics like “Weapons of Math Destruction,” take courses on Coursera in AI ethics and data privacy, and join relevant forums and communities for networking.

This unique job stands out for its blend of technical prowess and moral responsibility, shaping the future where AI positively impacts humanity. 🚀

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