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Creating Trust and Transparency in Your Generative AI System Deployment

Rising Trend of Generative AI in Business

Technology is continuously evolving, and the latest breakthrough shaking up the business world is the rise in adoption of generative AI (gen AI). Over 50 percent of U.S. workers have reported incorporating gen AI into their work, according to the Wharton School of Business. Furthermore, most industries are excited and ready to utilize gen AI in their business processes, with 80 percent of leaders planning to adopt gen AI within three years.

The Challenges and Solutions

While gen AI adoption promises numerous benefits, it has not been without challenges. A study by McKinsey reveals that organizations are encountering more difficulties than anticipated in harnessing the full potential of gen AI. To optimize their investments and ensure a positive experience for their organizations, partners, and customers, businesses need to have a strategic approach to gen AI adoption. This involves robust data governance, security, and accountability.

The intelligent automation (IA) and gen AI convergence offers a winning combination. These technologies provide the path to successful gen AI usage.

Functionality of Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation functions as the intermediary between an organization’s people, technology, and generative AI. It is responsible for automating and coordinating processes end-to-end while providing a detailed audit trail. This audit trail is crucial for maintaining regulatory compliance, accuracy, and trust. These factors are especially important in industries dealing with highly sensitive data.

Generative AI and Intelligent Automation at Work

The practical applications of gen AI and IA are broad. Organizations can expedite process discovery and development by enabling users to draft prompts, which may simplify automations and other components. Gen AI can enhance decision-making by making data access and analysis easier. Furthermore, the complex nature of automations can be smoothed by incorporating more intricate and nuanced scenarios into the current processes.

Importance of Accountability and Instruction

While gen AI has numerous advantages, there must be means of holding it accountable and monitoring it. Further, it should be able to receive and comprehend instructions in order to learn what information it should retrieve. A combination of gen AI and intelligent automation is key for effective data governance, as it ensures the accuracy, security, and accountability of data throughout its lifecycle.

Generative AI and Intelligent Automation

The speed of tech innovation today underlines the importance of gen AI adoption. Over the past year, substantial progress has been made in using language learning models (LLMs) and gen AI to simplify automations for complex and hard-to-automate processes.

Generative AI in Large Enterprises

Major corporations are increasingly turning to AI-infused processes to enhance asset efficiency, streamline supply chains, and improve customer satisfaction, according to IDC. Executives now face the challenge of managing vast quantities of unstructured data. Gen AI can summarize these data, saving time and enabling executives to more effectively strategize.

Automation and Transparency

Transparency and explainability in gen AI operations are promoted through orchestration via an intelligent automation platform and features such as human-in-the-loop oversight and audit logs. By pairing gen AI with intelligent automation as the process wrapper, organizations can securely manage their data and maintain transparency.

Role of HAL149’s IA Commercial Offer

Investment in AI is predicted to surpass $500 billion by 2027, with a significant portion of this expected to target the U.S. market. Generative AI from HAL149 and our Intelligent Automation (IA) Commercial Offer can help businesses sift through the hype and meet their specific needs, ensuring they are well-positioned for future, continued growth in the AI space.

HAL149 specializes in developing and training AI virtual assistants for business marketing. Our IA commercial offer allows businesses to harness the power of generative AI to enhance their customer acquisition, streamline their operations, and maximize their online engagement using tailored GPT models. With HAL149, businesses can enjoy competitive advantages by reducing customer acquisition costs and dramatically increasing the volume of clients. Contact HAL149 to explore customized options and to future-proof your data management and decision-making processes with trust and transparency.

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