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AWS DeepRacer: an engaging way to learn ML basics.

Advances in AI and ML Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools have become more accessible to developers of different levels. As more businesses integrate AI into their operational structure, there is an increasing demand for proficiency among both technical and non-technical teams in using AI with responsibility. Getting a hands-on experience in ML can equip individuals with a better understanding of automating tasks such as content generation, language translation, and image classification.

A practical way to do this is through the AWS DeepRacer; this platform offers an engaging way to learn ML basics.

AWS DeepRacer: A Platform for All Levels

Launched in 2019, AWS DeepRacer is a comprehensive service that facilitates developers of all skill levels in learning ML model training and evaluating procedures. It helps them in defining a reward function, establishing the training parameters, and configuring a training job to monitor model performance in a simulation environment. The AWS DeepRacer ML training lifecycle helps individuals practice model deployment onto a 1/18th scale autonomous race car, using a human-in-the-loop experience.

This model training aspect helps develop understanding and familiarity with concepts used in training and fine-tuning foundation models, which form the core of many generative AI applications.

Expanding Reach through Community and Competition

The AWS DeepRacer platform extends beyond just individual learning. It also houses a global racing league, encouraging competition and community building among ML enthusiasts. This platform has contributed to educating over half a million developers, recognized numerous monthly virtual circuit winners, and awarded over 10,000 participants globally with lucrative rewards.

Organizations can host their events, like the one by JPMorgan Chase & Co. which celebrated Women’s History Month with an “AWS DeepRacer League” event, while simultaneously empowering their employees with practical ML knowledge through racing autonomous vehicles. Such initiatives show the commitment of organizations towards democratizing ML knowledge, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and promoting AI transformation.

Learning and Empowerment in AI

One of their executives Ebele Kemery, Head of JPMorgan Chase Tech, Data, and AI Learning, proudly stated that AWS DeepRacer is proof that learning can be thrilling and enjoyable.

By encouraging employees to hone their skills, they are enabling their talented teams to steer the company’s AI transformation journey in their desired direction.

Benefit from Real-World AI Applications

AWS DeepRacer is a useful tool regardless of the user’s background – seasoned developers or curious business professionals seeking to try their hand at AI. In addition to gaining hands-on experience, users can acquire practical skills that can be applied to real-world ML and generative AI cases.

About the Developers

Ange Krueger is a principal technologist at AWS. She is working towards advancing product portfolios and improving technological agility within the worldwide financial sector. By using over 200 AWS cloud services, Ange delivers innovation, transformation, and scalable solutions to meet complex client demands.

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