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Air France Uses AI to Optimize Operations and Enhance Customer Experience

Air France Uses AI to Optimize Operations and Enhance Customer Experience

Air France and the Evolution of Data Utilization

With 100,000 customers carried onboard more than 1,000 flights daily, Air France generates a considerable volume of data; Making optimum use of this data to enhance performance is a strategic challenge for the airline; A key priority is to ensure the protection of the company’s and its customers’ data.

This journey isn’t new. In 1958, Air France established an operational research department to drive and structure innovation within the company; The idea was to adapt to the technological developments in a constantly evolving industry; This early focus on data highlighted its value in understanding customer behavior better.

Transformation Through Data

This foundational work led to the expansion of revenue management in the 90s, relying on historical data and trend identification; In the early 2000s, scenario planning through large volumes of data was applied to the maintenance business; This led to the development of a predictive maintenance solution, Prognos.

This tool, now used by over 80 airlines worldwide, marked Air France’s entry into the realm of predictive and prescriptive artificial intelligence; Artificial Intelligence (AI) has since become integral to all Air France research and innovation programs; AI is currently deployed in various stages of the customer journey.

AI Enhancing Customer Experience

AI supports diverse applications such as chatbots, tools for predicting baggage and meal requirements, calculating water needs, and eco-piloting systems to optimize flight trajectories for reduced fuel consumption; These technologies optimize activity and resources, anticipate needs, and facilitate access to pertinent information for staff; The central goal is to enhance the customer experience.

Since 2023, Air France has embarked on a new revolution with generative AI; This form of AI generates rich content autonomously, in contrast to traditional AI that focuses on specific tasks; Generative AI, made popular by ChatGPT, represents a significant technological breakthrough, opening new data usage horizons.

Generative AI Projects

Today, over 80 projects involving generative AI have been initiated across all Air France business sectors; Some projects are in the solution identification stage, while others have advanced to the Proof of Concept stage; Here are four examples of Air France’s developments:

  1. TALIA: Air France’s internal ChatGPT, enabling employees to utilize this tool securely without third-party information exposure; TALIA is used daily by Air France employees for tasks such as email writing, information searches in PDFs, event organization, and building to-do lists.
  2. PAMELIA: A solution for Air France airport agents to answer customer queries directly on their iPads; It searches the airline’s reference manuals and procedure documentation, generating a written response ready to share with customers and translating instantly into 85 languages; Currently in the test phase, PAMELIA will be deployed at Paris-Charles de Gaulle in 2025.
  3. CHARLIE: A tool for the airline’s maintenance teams, enabling quick searches for aircraft part numbers in the airline and manufacturers’ documentation; This tool saves significant time in repairing or replacing parts, contributing to flight punctuality.
  4. FOX: A tool for analyzing customer feedback to better understand expectations and concerns; Using generative AI, FOX can automatically analyze feedback, even complex texts incorporating humor or irony, and detect weak signals to share throughout the company.

Principles Guiding AI Usage

Air France’s approach to artificial intelligence usage is guided by several principles; These principles are regularly updated to align with technological advances; Reasonable and controlled use of AI, prioritizing customer and company data protection, adherence to rules and ethical principles, and strict compliance with regulations are key tenets.

This means using AI solutions within a closed circuit and establishing an AI Committee to ensure adherence to these principles; Promoting existing solutions and supporting initiatives within the company is another priority; The operational research team, comprising 150 employees, assists various business sectors in exploring AI possibilities.

Partnering for Solutions

According to the needs expressed, the operational research department guides teams towards simpler or more complex solutions; They also support Proof of Concept implementation and project deployment; Air France relies on existing solutions and models rather than developing their own from scratch.

This approach allows Air France to control investments and stay agile in a field where technologies can become obsolete quickly; Using market solutions ensures alignment with technological advances while maintaining operational efficiency and data integrity.

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