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AI Training and Research Boosts Skilled Workforce and Job Creation

Kuala Lumpur Embraces Artificial Intelligence

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s bustling capital, has recognized the growing importance of artificial intelligence’s (AI) role in fostering a skilled workforce, stimulating job creation, and supporting economic diversification. To this effect, the government has stepped up initiatives to build a solid AI nexus, as reported by BERNAMA.`

Sea Chong Seak, Securemetric Bhd’s Chief Technology Officer, suggested AI’s future isn’t about tech overtaking human roles. Instead, it’s about supplementing human capabilities and promoting human-tech interaction.

AI’s Role in Streamlining Industries

AI technologies have been identified as game-changers across several industrial sectors. They can automate routine tasks, streamline processes, and enhance overall efficiency. AI technologies also furnish employees with AI-driven tools and platforms, that can significantly boost productivity.

This streamlining capability paves the way for businesses to increase profitability by producing more with fewer resources. This is beneficial in driving economic growth and supporting a country’s diversifying economy.

Ethical AI Development

As countries gradually increase their reliance on AI, there are growing concerns in managing its deployment ethically. Some potential issues that surface include fairness, transparency, accountability, bias, privacy, and security. It’s crucial to address these concerns to ensure AI technologies gratify society holistically.

Sea Chong Seak highlights the gains from international partnerships in AI research and development. Such collaboration paves the way for resource sharing, knowledge sharing, and access to global markets. Malaysia hopes to leverage these elements to foster AI-driven economic growth.

Government Support Towards AI Education

Recognizing the need for enhanced AI education and training, the government has allocated RM20 million for the establishment of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. This is in line with the evolving technological landscape that AI commands.

Boosted by an increasing interest in AI businesses, Malaysia is creating a set of AI governance and code of ethics. This progress lays the groundwork for businesses to extend their reach and explore new potential markets.

Transformative potential of AI in education

The opportunities presented by AI in transforming education are immense. By personalising learning experiences and adapting to individual student needs, AI can redefine traditional education systems.

AI-powered tutoring systems, adaptive learning platforms, and virtual classrooms have the potential to democratise education globally. However, with these advancements come challenges such as limited access to necessary resources like computers, software, and datasets, especially in underprivileged areas, as well as a lack of specialised skills required in AI learning.

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