Notes from The Singularity

When they talk about fully traceable, and fully controllable decentralized systems they are talking about what regular people should use. I bet in such a system some will have infinite codes...

Crypto Regulation: a False Dilemma

(Regulate the cars as if they were horse cars).

The problem isn’t whether there should be regulation or not: no one is stupid enough to participate in a network where there are no rules or regulations of any kind. And that’s certainly not the case with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin rules are not imposed from a desk.…

This is insane!
Apple policy of charging a fee of 30% for every transaction going under a mobile application in its operating system iOS, conflicts with #Web3.
In other words, you can’t use any web3 wallet on iOS and do p2p transactions, without hardcoding 30% commission!



What did you people expect?…

“Commenting (BlackRock CEO Larry Fink) on the FTX scandal that has defined crypto markets over the past month, he said the FTX’s fatal flaw was creating its own token”.

Therefore its not just about “tokenization”, but about tokenization of real value.

Seems obvious BUT remember that almost all cryptos (including btc) are not backed by any real value asset.… Read more...

Most inventions, creations, music pieces, art or technologies that can make a difference are hijacked and exploited by a privileged few; its not just energy and money. Its basically everything.

Web3 and crypto will become mainstream and “good” when that very same parasitical class figures out the way to do the same here, with custom-made regulation.… Read more...

Tokenization of Customer Loyalty in Web3

The utility of NFTs has the potential to go far beyond that single-use case. They can completely redefine customer experience, community engagement, and loyalty.

As a result, a new era of social interactions and commercial use cases will likely emerge in the next few years.

There are also many loyalty programs on many apps — which are difficult to track or transfer.… Read more...

KODO’s Solution: Tokenization of Real Estate

KODO’s Solution: Tokenization of Real Estate. Real Estate’s Perceivable Gap. A purchase of real estate in Brazil is a formal legal transaction, which can lead to a waiting period of up to ten days. The industry requires acute sensitivity in detecting the best opportunities for one to take action, it is a meticulous process that can impede an investor’s time and money.… Read more...

Understanding the Numbers on a Real Estate Token Investment Website for New Investors

Tokenization will cause the commercial real estate market to attract a new crop of investors and this comes with some responsibilities for the investors.

They have to understand the assets that the tokens backs including the risks and the expected return or benefits of buying and holding the tokens for example commercial real estate investment falls under 3 investment categories it could be core investment, value add and opportunistic these categories differ based on the risk and return they provide investors.… Read more...

What are real-world assets (RWAs)?

What are real-world assets (RWAs)?

Real-world assets are tangible assets or financial primitives with the potential to serve as collateral in the DeFi industry. Here are the most popular examples of RWAs:

Metal (gold, silver, etc.)
Real estate
Corporate debt
Salaries and invoices
Consumer goods
Credit notes
Royalties, etc.…

Metaverse fiasco is about VR tech not ready

No, just inflated expectations…

There´s not ONE metaverse, we should be talking about metaverse technology, because there are many different platforms, and Facebook Meta is just one of them.

But reality -right now- is that the metaverse is mostly an overhyped branding exercise for a series of virtual worlds some of which are dependent on VR headsets to access.… Read more...

The Metaverse is an Organism

Zuckerberg’s struggles with his metaverse will be similar to those of other platforms.

You can´t “build the metaverse”. Same way you don´t build a rainforest, a city, or an economy.

Its about allowing an organism to grow. Not about building an organism.

Metaverse needs users, brands, developers, etc.…

In the crypto quantum universe…

In the crypto quantum universe, reality splits into parallel worlds

– if you buy, Bitcoin starts to crater
– if you dont buy, Bitcoin goes to 100K

…and there´s a miserable version of you in each of those realities.

Crypto is reaching a breaking point, and it has nothing to do with the SEC, FTX, Celsius, or DeFi.

It’s us.

We, the users, are destroying crypto.

We the users are destroying crypto because we are not using crypto.

Nobody really uses crypto as real money for their daily lifes. It was supposed to be about money, freedom, and property.… Read more...

Do you know how to grow?

Growth is the process of taking something that was once complex and making it simple, sistematic, and subconscious.

This how you slow down time, this is how you grow. You step into chaos, create simplicity and knowingness.

You can get to the point where you can handle chaos that most people would never dream of -because you know you can deal with it, learn it, and own it-.… Read more...

Notes on DAOs: the pros

✔️ Spontaneity

The moment digital communities become the place to be, big corporations and censorship come in – stripping them of the creatives and quickness that come with diversity and freedom of expression, making them bland. You cannot stop a DAO – you can only fork it.

One of the top benefits of DAO is that it is decentralized and transparent in nature.… Read more...

Notes on DAOs: the cons

Many consider DAOs to be one of the loftiest ideas stemming from Ethereum. And many argue the real-world realization of the idea will likely not lead to wise decision-making.

Lets review why this happens from a healthy, skeptical approach:

❌ Decentralized government is equivalent to a democracy where no central government exists, but the people as a whole make the laws and decide on them.… Read more...

Notes on DAOs: How to Create a DAO


The rules of the DAO are established by a core team of community members using smart contracts. These smart contracts are responsible for laying out the foundational framework by which the DAO is going to operate.

These smart contracts are highly visible, verifiable, and can be publicly audited.… Read more...