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WISeKey Releases New Version of WISe.ART NFT Marketplace with Trusted NFTs from New Artists

WISeKey Releases New Version of WISe.ART NFT Marketplace with Trusted NFTs from New ArtistsWISe.ART is working on cross-blockchain support, enabling a truly open data economy with the support of Ethereum, Polygon and CasperLabs and gradually adding new chains to ensure interoperability and scalability as part of its overall strategy to act as a leading platform of the Web3.0 revolutionWISe.Art platform is developing into a fully-fledged marketplace with its own digital currency, the ability to include curators and multipliers, white-labeling options and custom-made NFT designGeneva, New…

Valorant’s Killjoy briefly enjoyed an NFT, but Riot says it was a ‘whoopsie’

Killjoy is one of Valorants most beloved playable characters, and its easy to see why: she is a genius, she looks cool, is from Berlin, and in a canny bit of cross-promotion, is a proven fan of League of Legends. She loves robots and has an overall cheerful personality. So far, so unimpeachable. That all came crashing down earlier today, when the German Valorant account tweeted an image of Killjoy enjoying some art. Thats bad, but it gets worse: the art was a work by Martin Houra, who distributes his work as NFTs.Heres the now deleted tweet, screengrabbed by a Twitter user:(Image…

Photographer Launches Unseen Nirvana Images as NFTs Amid Backlash

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When a photographer recently announced the launch of never-before-seen images by her of (pre-fame) band Nirvana as NFTs, the band’s fans were quick to create a Twitter storm of criticism. The NFT launch, which includes ten previously unpublished images among others, features images of the band at a small venue with a 200-person capacity…

OpenSea Boosts Activity Despite Competition from LooksRare

OpenSea attracted 14% more traders in the past seven days
OpenSea has been the king of NFT marketplaces for quite some time now, however, rising star LooksRare is proving to be a worthy competitor. Despite losing the top spot in DappRadar Top Marketplaces rankings, OpenSea attracted 14% more users in the past week.

Battling against stiff competition from newcomer LooksRare, OpenSea also boosted the volume that went through the platform to close to $950 million. With more than 185.000 unique active wallets, the marketplace processed 645.540 transactions in the last seven…

Demetrious Johnson advises MMA NFT project ‘Galactic Fight League’

Welcome to The Weekly Takedown, Sports Illustrated’s in-depth look at MMA. Every Thursday, this column will offer insight and information on the most noteworthy stories in the fight world.The Galactic Fight League has officially joined the MMA universe.The new video game will serve as the fight world’s introduction to the metaverse, bringing physicality, authenticity and unfiltered action to the simulated digital environment. NFTs will also be available, allowing people to become characters in the game.Shaun Preece, the founder of the Galactic Fight League, detailed his long-term…

From torrents to music NFTs

When you were pirating Outkast in 2003, could you have imagined a world where you earn royalties for owning a copy of that MP3?At a time when NFT and web3 criticism is reaching fever pitch, hip-hop legend and innovator Nas is selling two of his singles as NFTs, which fans can purchase to claim streaming royalty rights. The rising popularity of music NFTs brings a particularly interesting argument into focus: Is blockchain antithetical to the free and open virtues of torrenting? Or is it fighting the same gatekeepers that content pirates aimed to unseat?Artists versus fansThe most divisive…

Hawaiian Geese to be Rescued and Befriended by Gorillas at Grand Mansion – CryptoMode

Hawaiian Geese to be Rescued and Befriended by Gorillas at Grand Mansion
Grand Goose Mansion is one of the first metaverse projects in the world. And anyone can settle in it after letting out at least one goose.
What geese are we talking about?
Hawaiian goose is an endangered bird species. There are very few of them left, the founders of the Grand Goose Mansion intend to save these cute birds. To do this, a community is being created, managed by a Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which will decide how to manage the common funds. But even before the creation of the DAO, the…

Onessus Launches NiftyVille NFT Car Sale

999 Exotic NFT cars will drop on January 29th
Onessus’ virtual world NiftyVille is about to get a brand new selection of exotic cars roaming the streets. The platform will host an exclusive NFT sale featuring 999 unique car designs on January 29th. Each car will cost $400, and there are about 100 whitelist spots, which will give collectors early mint access on January 28th. 

The exclusive collection features six different car colors and designs. Each of them will be among the most exclusive in-game items in NiftyVille. Importantly, owning an Exclusive Car NFT will also give you a…

NFT Spotlight: Big Cats NFT, it’s Got Some Big Some Great Artists Bringing Cats to Life in the…

Today’s NFT Spotlight is on Big Cats NFT, launching in February (February 2nd to be exact) with some Marvel artists leading the charge.
According to their Discord, “Renowned artists Ricardo Cesar & Enrique Mateo-Sagasta have after weeks of work decided to use their knowledge and experience with major studios to bring a project that has never be seen before to the NFT space.”  These artists have worked on Marvel films, Avengers, Spider-Man, and Thor, along with animation projects for Marvel too.

Big Cats NFT Giveaway!
We’re giving away 50 WHITELIST + 1 NFT!
To enter:1️⃣ Like…

Web3’s early promise for artists tainted by rampant stolen works and likenesses – TechCrunch

Jillian C. York didn’t want to be a non-fungible token.
A Berlin-based author and activist, York is also the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. For some reason – York doesn’t agree with her inclusion there – her name also appears on a list of so-called cypherpunks on Wikipedia. Cypherpunks advocate for security, encryption, privacy – three things York supported but had never made her main focus.
“Of course, I can’t edit myself off that list and I don’t identify as a cypherpunk, despite the fact that I’ve advocated…

Investing In Bounce Token (AUCTION) – Everything You Need to Know

The Bounce Token (AUCTION) protocol provides users with an easy-to-operate cross-chain auction protocol. The network functions as a fully decentralized economic matching protocol built specifically for Web3 applications. Bounce combines a flexible auction system, cryptocurrency, and advanced NFT (non-fungible tokens) technology to empower users and improve the NFT experience.One of the unique things about Bounce is that its designed specifically to meet the needs of NFT and scarce digital asset providers. The network creates a highly competitive environment which makes it ideal for limited…

Belvedere Museum to Sell NFTs Derived From The Kiss by Gustav Klimt for Valentine’s Day

NFT presentation “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt at the Upper Belvedere; Stella Rollig, general director of the Belvedere; and Wolfgang Bergmann, chief financial officer, Belvedere. Photo: Ouriel Morgensztern / Belvedere, Vienna
Viennas Belvedere Museum, in collaboration with artèQ, is dropping NFTs of its historical Gustav Klimt masterpiece The Kiss (Lovers), as announced on Thursday. Billed as a “digital declaration of love,” the sales will come just ahead of Valentines Day in a limited number of digital excerpts of the iconic depiction of lovers.
Klimt’s The Kiss (Lovers) – one…

WISeKey Releases New Version of WISe.ART NFT Marketplace

WISeKey Releases New Version of WISe.ART NFT Marketplace with Trusted NFTs from New Artists WISe.ART is working on cross-blockchain support, enabling a truly open data economy with the support of Ethereum, Polygon and CasperLabs and gradually adding new chains to ensure interoperability and scalability as part of its overall strategy to act as a leading platform of the Web3.0 revolution WISe.Art platform is developing into a fully-fledged marketplace with its own digital currency, the ability to include curators and multipliers, white-labeling options and custom-made NFT design…

Misleading OpenSea Email Triggers More Losses For NFT Traders

Be careful if you have inactive OpenSea listings, and read how to prevent loses
Leading secondary NFT marketplace OpenSea has had a bit of a stormy week as fraudsters found a loophole that allowed them to buy NFTs much below floor value or listing price. Unfortunately, to prevent such fraudulent activity, OpenSea has managed to make things worse for its users. 

While this bug was revealed early this week, OpenSea reacted just today. Worryingly, it seems the marketplace overlooked the importance of explaining the situation in detail, leading to further confusion and losses for users….

NFT News: Frank’s RedHot Launches the First Edible NFT

The world is expanding, and DraftKings is expanding along with it. As NFTs continue to grow, these daily articles will serve as a hub for the latest news and notes in the space.

In case you are new to the Metaverse, check out my quick breakdown on what NFTs are and how they work. For those looking to get in the game, read my article on how to set up a MetaMask wallet.

The first ever edible NFT is coming.
Frank’s RedHot is giving football/wing fans the opportunity to participate in a fun challenge with a unique reward. From now until the conclusion of the Super Bowl on Feb. 13,…

Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist Says Compensation ‘Definitely Not Ideal’

Image: Bored Ape Yacht Club.NFTs are everywhere, with algorithmically-generated avatar pics selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon spent a disturbing minute sharing their Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs on late night television. According to proponents of NFTs, artists are able to reclaim some dignity with the technology. But, as was just revealed to be the case with the elite-tier BAYC, that’s not always true.The people behind the BAYC collection, Yuga Labs, have made millions. But someone had to design the now-iconic apes. Every grin and hat and…

The Law of Tokenomics, Revisited | Foley & Lardner LLP

Originally published on Jan 25th in Venture Beat. Reprinted with permission.

As the web further decentralizes based on blockchains, we are seeing new technology business models, particularly in the ecommerce sector, incorporate digital tokens into transaction flows by using digitally native tokens as a medium of payment for transacting on the platform. The boom in financial markets is also a cause-and-effect situation of decentralized financial applications as well as the tokenization of unique, or nonfungible tokens and assets, colloquially referred to as “NFTs,” whether tangible…

After Eminem, Neymar, and Others, Artist Gal Yosef Jumps on the NFT Train

After sportspersons, rockstars, film stars, and celebrities, globally famed 3D artist Gal Yosef is the next to join the NFT mania. Yosef recently launched his Meta Eagle Club NFT collection backed by the internationally acclaimed Eden Gallery. 
Art, Artists, and NFTs
Over the last year, the NFT mania triggered by prominent names like Snoop Dogg, Grimes, and others has been crucial in pushing new artists on the NFT train.
Gal Yosef is another well-known name in the 3D art and NFT community. The artist has been behind the Crypto Bulls Society collection which was sold out soon after the…

Community-driven NFT project leads with an immersive experience and extensive storytelling

Storytelling is a part of being human. Once originating in cave paintings and oral stories around the fire, and later evolving to radio, internet and now entire brands leading the world by an account that rallies real passion and like-minded communities into cult status. With the power of the story running so deep, it is no wonder that the growing popularity behind nonfungible tokens (NFTs) seeks the same path for project differentiation.News of NFTs like an EtherRock selling for 1.3 million makes it hard for users to identify one project from the next, especially when some seem to only…