Governments and corporations won’t ever allow decentralized apps because they are the ‘institutional hackers’. They need a hackable world to spy and control people.

Data breaches are just collateral damage in a war is about controlling each and every aspect of your life. Its about controlling your will (govs, police, etc.) and controlling your money (govs again, banks, corps, etc.).

Decentralization is elusive and has proven to work at global scale only for Bitcoin. Not bad. But not enough to change things.

Equally interesting are other already working non-blockchain P2P projects enabling a non-censurable web. An append-only web that makes content publication traceable and secure like pushes in a version controlled repository, but irreversible with no delete/force-push.

Most notably AFAIK, there’s:

* using IPFS:
* using Dat:
* and more:
* a YouTube alternative:
(Sourced by Roman Le Négrate)

I don’t see how governments could stop their use and spread. They’ll just have to swallow their ever-growing vice to control our lives and let those kinds of projects restore our freedoms, let creativity and uncensored knowledge prosper organically like the web was originally made for.

They won’t like it, hence the desperate attempts at choking crypto brokers.