Neuron Fund is an investment management company working in crypto financial markets and dedicated to delivering attractive risk-adjusted performance. NEUR token, option pools in DeFi.


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Decentralized investments products leveraging blockchain technology.

What is Neuron Fund?

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) opens opportunities for awesome returns on crypto investments. There are many parts of DeFi, including lending platforms, liquidity protocols, stock synthetics, automated market makers, and more. Yield aggregators are another option in the Decentralized Financial space.

Unfortunately, such opportunities are distributed over different chains and projects, their reliability is sometimes questionable, and diving into the ecosystem of novel chains takes time users rarely have. So many individuals prefer HODLing and keeping all the assets in their wallets.

Neuron Fund is an investment management company working in crypto-financial markets and dedicated to delivering attractive risk-adjusted performance.

Neuron Fund currently consists of two (three if counting vote-locking) investing tools with more on the way.

Pools essentially automating the investing process, including LP position provisioning:

  • Liquidity providing pools for reliable assets and DEX projects
  • Option pools generating exceptional yield for ETH or WBTC
  • Vote-locking NEUR for veNEUR: receiving a share of protocol revenue, boosted rewards, and voting rights.

Sure, you can, but the pools help you automatically reinvest your rewards to increase your principal, save on gas and optimize for the highest yielding strategies. For the option pools, that’s mostly not possible for the average Joe (or Jane) as it requires some market maker agreements secured. More on our option pools page.

NEUR is the primary token issued by Neuron Fund. It is used to transfer return in Neuron Liquidity Pools as part of liquidity pools’ interest is accrued via the NEUR token, bug bounty program, development contribution.

Supply and emission

NEUR has its total supply hard-capped at 2,000,000 tokens. NEUR is minted at genesis and — following exponentially decreasing schedule — after it. Here’s the NEUR emission chart taking vesting schedules into account:


Allocations’ time-lock

Almost all NEUR supply is time-locked to convince the community in Neuron Fund team’s long-term commitment:


Liquidity pools

Liquidity pools automatically invest the assets in an array of yield-producing products or services through…

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