The terms ‘future’ and ‘food’ are seldom used in the same sentence. When we think of food, it is usually to anticipate the next meal of the day. After all, food is all about the here and now. So, when Expo 2020 Dubai announced a first-of-its-kind dining experience, transporting us 300 years into the future, we definitely wanted to get a taste of it. Future of Food: The Epochal Banquet, coming to the city in less than a month’s time (October 1), is a mega multi-sensory food experience that requires foodies of the town to sit tight and brace themselves for a rich, immersive culinary window into the future.

Promising ultra-light, glow in the dark creations, made of edible luminescence and changing flavours as we go along, the futuristic dining experience is a never-seen-before journey created and plated to perfection by UK-based multi-sensory experience design studio, Bompas & Parr, in collaboration with Expo 2020. The immersive experience, based on the idea of Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence, hypothesised by renowned 102-year-old scientist James Lovelock, will explore the implications of food in a future where robots and artificial intelligence are seamlessly interspersed with human existence.

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr

What food will look like in 300 years: A futuristic dining experience is coming to Expo 2020 Dubai (

“You’re coming to what happens when a piece of theatre collides with a museum and a restaurant to create a place where all sorts of entertainment comes together,” says Sam Bompas, of the UK-based design studio that has conceptualised this futuristic dining experience. “What you’ve seen so far is only a twinkle in the eye of the intention of the menu.” Gearing up for a food-fuelled revolution, the culinary connoisseur deep dives into the intricacies of the AI-infused, multisensory dining journey at Expo 2020, all set to transport us to the year 2320!

Conceptualising The Epochal Banquet

Food is one of the ways in which nostalgia, culture and history are preserved and passed down. Cultures can be very attached to certain culinary traditions. In a place like Dubai, the palate is rich because the place draws from different cultures. That’s where the magic happens.

Almost three years ago, we were briefed by the Expo to do something utterly remarkable. Personally, I have been obsessed with Expos and the food there for many years. The ethos of the Expo has been to serve as a place where new features of food can be explored. You got the first ice cream cone at an Expo; apparently, the world’s first hot…

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