Proponents of web3 believe it is the future of the internet, and that blockchain-based products will completely supplant web2 within the next few years.

Web2 stalwarts say it’s all just a bunch of hype being spewed by crypto bros looking to turn a profit. And that #blockchain technologies are fundamentally limited in scope.

Be aware of the maximalist approaches. Not all problems are solved by #decentralization, not all businesses need  blockchain, and not all property issues can be managed by #NFTs.

But something is coming, and its big. Most exciting opportunities lie at the intersection of those two worlds;

  • #Tokenization of physical assets, helping to manage property,
  • Helping creators to receive passive income from IP rights,
  • Borderless and transparent #governance for global and local projects, etc.

Like the early internet, #web3 will be complicated for a while, with users unsure of how everything works – and that’s ok. Most people using (centralized) apps like Instagram or TikTok on their phones don’t understand 5G technology, and they don’t have to. The same will be true of web3 if and when it takes off.