The unbounded faith that software can tackle just about anything humans can find its origins in a 1958 essay by mathematician John Von Newman entitled “The Computer and the Brain“.

“Von Neumann was an important figure in computer science, and the book discusses how the brain can be viewed as a computing machine”.

Rather than being seen as an interesting but highly imperfect analogy, the essay has passed into the realm of fact governing the minds of those who imagine a world ruled by software.

I’m an engineer and I know we are not ‘thinking equations’. We (and all living beings) are complex systems with billions of years of knowledge coded in them, and somehow connected among all of us.

The transhumanist narrative from Silicon Valley and Hollywood is that we are “just lines of code”. And that sooner or later some form of consciousness will be reached by artificial means. But this has nothing to do with real science. It’s all about money, inflating bubbles and making people to behave more like machines, and less like humans.