The Universe is not matter and space, but energy and information. Energy exists in the form of patterns and propagation of waves in the vacuum that fills space. Energy is the ‘hardware’ of the universe (not matter, which is just a perception). Information is the software.

The Universe is not an assembly of bits of inert matter moving passively and randomly in empty space, but a coherent and dynamic Whole. It is configured by an implicit order (David Bohm) that physicists now call “The Field”, or “Nuether”.

Without information, the waves and energy patterns of the Universe would be random and unstructured, like a computer without software. But the Universe is neither random nor unstructured.

If the Universe was unstructured it could not give rise to the complex systems that emerge from it, like us. And we would not be here to wonder how something as improbable as us “is happening”. Therefore in some way, it is true that “…through our eyes, the Universe is perceiving itself…” (A.Watts).