Notes from The Singularity


The system uses centralization in all its forms to extract value from added value activities

Ego, short-termism, and greed for astronomical returns in a public way are part of that behavior.

That is why most of what is done in #web3 is actually an extension of the system.

And that´s why it will be treated as such.… Read more...

The Whitepaper BS in #Web3

No successful #startup pitch starts with a 50 page whitepaper.

It’s about explaining your added value, your community, what it will cost, and how will you make money.

you don´t need a 50 pages doc to explain that.

Get rid of BS and kick ass!

Get educated on #nfts

99% of the current projects will fail .. just like internet stocks in 1999,

…but the overall technology of where blockchain tech is, and what #web3 means to all of us is a big deal.

Descending into the rabbit hole: the loss of self, becoming a servant to your project and to yout job. How will you free yourself from that Frankenstein you made, while making it self-sustaining?.

How to pry yourself from the tentacles of workaholism, and the fear that it – would fall to pieces without your 15-hour days?… Read more...

En la comunicación la parte emocional o de historia es la onda portadora. La verdadera señal está codificada en ella. La portadora es la herramienta que se utiliza para propagar y hacer llegar fácilmente la información, que reside en la señal.

Mientras existan algoritmos centralizados decidiendo qué puedes y qué no puedes leer en Internet lo que lees estará sesgado, tu opinión será censurada, y las elecciones estarán manipuladas. Hacen falta plataformas menos mediáticas y más sociales.