Staying up to date with the latest advancements in data science is crucial if you want to have a successful career. There are different ways to keep yourself up to date, whether by attending conferences, following data science leaders on Twitter, reading blogs and research papers, or following data science channels on YouTube. One way that helped me stay on track is by listening to data science podcasts. I find myself tuning in when I am in the gym, hiking, or in the car. In this article, I will list the 4 podcasts that I listen to most, and I highly recommend you check them out for yourself. Before I start, I would like to remind you to check out my article from last week, where I talk about the 5 YouTubers I follow and help me break into the industry. Check out the link below:

The Towards Data Science podcast is on top of my list. I really enjoy Jeremie Harris, who is the host of the show. His guests are quality, and you really learn tons from the episodes. What I like a lot about Jeremie is the fact that he explains certain terms or concepts in the middle of a show that many people aren’t familiar with so that you can follow the discussion easier. In addition to that, you can also watch the episodes on YouTube. Jeremie is the Co-Founder of SharpestMinds, and he definitely got me hooked to the podcast. My favorite episodes are where he discusses AI ethics. See below the link for one of the latest episodes on YouTube and check it out for yourself.

In addition to that, I have also provided the apple podcast link so you can have a look at the topics of all the different episodes.

Second, on my list is the podcast called Making Data Simple from IBM. Al Martin, the host, is currently the Global VP, Expert Labs Development Services, Cloud and Cognitive Software at IBM. Before that, he was the VP of Data and A.I. Development at IBM. Al discusses the latest ideas on big data & A.I in his shows, and he is super knowledgeable. I really like Al because he really digs in deep to get the right information from the questions he asks his guests. If you are interested, check out the link below to learn more about the podcasts.

Another podcast that I highly encourage you all to look into is called Data Skeptic. It is a weekly podcast covering various topics in data science, statistics, machine learning, and A.I. The host of this show is Kyle Polich, who is very knowledgeable. He also does a great job of asking the right questions and does really well simply explaining…

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