The more unfair and secretive an organization is the more paranoid it becomes, and the more leaks it suffers. This makes its internal communications very inefficient, as everything must pay a kind of ‘tax’ to maintain secrecy, in the form of slowness, inefficiencies, leaks, etc.

When your entire existence is devoted to your sociopathic tendency for control, you eventually fail because of your self-imposed blindspots that are obvious to normal people. This forces the sociopath to try to control their mistake, leading to more mistakes, and even greater failure. Any of this sounds familiar? this is the “weak spot” that keeps exposing the truth about the system.

Sociopaths and psychopaths are slightly different, but both types of people have “Antisocial Personality Disorder”. This basically means that these people are monsters wearing human faces. They hurt people for pleasure, and never feel remorse for the horrible things that they do.