Datascience is exploding in popularity due to how it’s tethered to the future of technology, supply-demand for high paying jobs and being on the bleeding edge of corporate culture, startups and innovation!

Students from South and East Asia especially can fast track lucrative technology careers with data science even as tech startups are exploding in those areas with increased foreign funding. Think carefully. Would you consider becoming a Data Scientist? According to Coursera:

A data scientist might do the following tasks on a day-to-day basis:

  • Find patterns and trends in datasets to uncover insights
  • Create algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes
  • Use machine learning techniques to improve quality of data or product offerings
  • Communicate recommendations to other teams and senior staff
  • Deploy data tools such as Python, R, SAS, or SQL in data analysis
  • Stay on top of innovations in the data science field

In a data-based world of algorithms, data science encompasses many roles since data scientists help organizations to make the best out of their business data.

In many countries there’s still a shortage of expert data scientists that are familiar with the latest tools and technologies. As fields such as machine learning, AI, data analytics, cloud computing and related industries get moving, the labor shortage of skilled professionals will continue.

Some Data Science Tasks Are Being Automated with RPA

As some tasks of data scientists become automated, it’s important for programming students and data science enthusiasts to focus on learning hard skills that should continue to be in demand well into the 2020s and 2030s. As such I wanted to make an easy list of the top skills for knowledge workers in this exciting area of the labor market for tech jobs.

Shortage of Data Scientists Continues in Labor Pool

The reality is for most organizations in most places there’s still a significant shortage of data scientists.

So the idea here is to acquire skills that are more difficult for RPA and other automation technologies to automate at organizations. It’s also important to specialize in skills where business penetration is high but increasing faster as the majority of businesses are adopting the trend, like Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence.

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