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Data science emerged as an in-demand, lucrative career path several years ago, and it remains as such for several reasons. For starters, companies collect a higher volume and more types of information than before, and representatives want insights from it.

Another reason is that people realize that effective uses of data can increase competitiveness, even in a challenging marketplace. Here are six industries hiring data scientists now that will likely continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

1. Telecommunications

A study of the top big data sectors showed telecommunications and IT in the top spot. Additionally, predictions anticipated the industry’s worth to reach $105.2 billion in 2023, up from $59 billion in 2019. In one example, the South African brand Telkom creates opportunities for women to work at the company as data science experts.

Business leaders at telecom companies can utilize data scientists’ expertise to decide when and where to roll out 5G technology. They could also begin analyzing trends in customer service calls to detect and troubleshoot common problems.

2. Transportation

Opportunities are ripe for the transportation sector to rely on data science expertise, too. Government officials in the United Kingdom recently announced intentions to unlock location data’s potential. The belief is that the information could support electric car charging infrastructure, reduce emissions impacts, and make traveling safer and more pleasant, among other things.

Another trend involves using riders’ mobile phone data to gauge how often people rely on public transit services. Authorities in Los Angeles have taken that approach. Data scientists can help decision-makers glean valuable details from the collected information.

3. Health Insurance

People in the health insurance sector are more interested in hiring data scientists, too. Doing that helps them stay on top of emerging trends, such as the growing interest in self-insurance plans. For example, statistics show that 29.2% of mid-sized employers chose self-insurance options. Data scientists can assess how that changes, as well as track other notable patterns.

Health insurance company leaders want details about which factors make policyholders more or less likely to file claims or which areas of the country have the most customers. Data science can answer those questions and others.

4. Banking/Finance

Leaders in the…

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