The literature of success is abundant. Business schools, gurus, etc. They sell more or less reliable recipes to develop your full potential and achieve success in life.

But successes result as a chain of circumstances that occurs only once in each case. And there’s no clear pattern: each person is different. Every circumstance and every moment too.

What exists is the ability of specific people to understand the environment and put it to work for them, not against them. Be mindful to what the world tells you to incorporate it into the way you work.

Karma (mystique), conditioned probability (Bayes), Inertia (in Physics), ‘Spirit of Heaviness’ (Nietzsche) … You are the sequence of events that leads you to think the way you think, and act the way you do.

We do what we believe we can do. And we believe we can do what we have done before. This is why we tend to limit ourselves. It only depends on you to get rid of that spinning wheel by taking the reins.

That is the true essence of creativity, and the fountain of eternal youth. Continuously look forward from a positive perspective to incorporate feedback. Not clinging to obsolete models from ideologies or academics.