Marketers are now using data-driven analysis and approaches to utilize accurate research data for their marketing campaigns. Not every data and its digging strategy is relevant and accurate enough to be adopted by a company. The question is how to avoid unauthentic data driving techniques and data blunders. 

“Data is the new oil for IT industry”

What does big data comprise?

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  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Variety
  • Veracity

These four V interprets data quality in terms of its quantity, certainty, and categories. 

What is the data-driven marketplace and what importance does it hold? 

Researching and collecting data for the targeted customers and audience can help in providing accurate services and information. The brand can better understand what its customers’ demands and expectations are. This helps in driving better leads, conversion leads, and successful campaigns.

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – By Geoffrey Moore, an American Management Consultant and Author

How can big data mistakes damage the company’s marketing profile?

Wrong data-driven methods can result in a poor response from the target audience with reduced engagements. The marketing team will predict erroneous insights that will damage the prospects of marketing campaigns. A survey was conducted in 2013 for big data evolution, where 81% of the companies mentioned big data strategy as their top five priorities and 55% of them reported failure and implementing big data objectives.

Here’s a golden guide on how to identify and avoid significant data mistakes to keep your marketing game running on fleek.

Ignoring quality-driven data

Researching and accumulating data is not the only requirement as quality overshadows quantity when it comes to customer service. Making the data qualitative in terms of its relevance, confidentiality, and accuracy. The data should be sorted, organized, and cross-checked in all the protocols of data quality control.

“Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.” – By Angela Ahrendts

The fallacious data analytics can develop ineffective insights for marketing campaigns, damaging the perspective and motivation. Infiltrated data can drain the marketing budget into waste by not fulfilling the objective. Take the following precautions: 

  • Follow the…

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