We always overestimate the change that will occur in the short term and underestimate the change that will occur in the long term.

The metaverse will be no exception

🔵 The technology roadmap for accessing the metaverse was initially:

1️⃣ VR glasses first,
2️⃣ Smart lenses,
3️⃣ Brain implants.

But reality is that:

📌 Most users won’t pay for an overpriced $300 #VR device.
📌 Meta needs to make its #metaverse accessible, and an attractive place for creators.
📌 Could take 10 to 20 years for all this to go mainstream. Only brands can afford to invest.

🔵 The flat metaverse

Focusing too much on #immersive technology is putting the cart before the horse.

Going “flat” using current screens, in the same way that Roblox or Minecraft users do, would be a better option to start with.

☝🏻 My prediction: most people will use metaverse with their regular computer screens for years to come.

(credit to Washington Post for the idea of a ‘flat metaverse’)