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With time, the inclination of people towards online buying has increased rapidly, giving a boost to eCommerce businesses. The customer’s assessment of an eCommerce business is highly dependent on his/her delivery experience. For this reason, businesses often onboard third-party eCommerce logistics software and tools to oversee their shipping and delivery operations.

What is third-party eCommerce logistics software?

In general, eCommerce logistics software is a tool that helps the sender as well as the receiver in keeping a track of the timeline of the package. When these tools are provided by an entity outside of your own business, they are termed as a third-party tool or software (3PL Software).

3PL can provide multiple services – ranging from management of the transportation services to warehousing near the customer’s delivery address. They do it all to provide a smooth shopping experience to the customers, on behalf of the eCommerce businesses.

The Evolution of 3PL and How 3PL Softwares came into existence

1970s: Warehouses began establishing during the 1970s. Now, instead of traveling directly from a distributor to a retail store, the products halted at an intermediate warehouse close to the buyer’s location, from where they were fetched by the customers.

1980s: The entire logistics operations slowly began centralizing and warehouses began expanding their reach by providing movement facilities for the stored orders to the customer locations.

1990s: With the rise and globalisation of the eCommerce industry, the third-party eCommerce logistics services helped eCommerce businesses in expanding their reach to domestic as well as international markets by effortless management of their delivery operations.

2000s: During the first decade of the 21st century, the popularity of third-party eCommerce logistics grew exponentially. Complex logistics operations such as warehouse management, transportation, tracking, etc. were integrated with the use of appropriate technology.

Lately: With the advancements in technology, the logistics infrastructure has changed drastically. The third-party eCommerce logistics software is designed to integrate multiple complex operations such as warehouse management, transportation, and tracking, with an easy-to-use interface that suits the customer’s expectations.

Merits of onboarding a third-party eCommerce logistics software for your online business


The third-party eCommerce logistics software is a complete package that encompasses…

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