The hacking idea is intrinsic to any complex system. You discover the mechanics that make it to work, and then you can see it from the inside and manipulate it at your convenience. It’s not just about coding and programming. It is a universal concept.

People tend to use insecure systems, or secure systems they don’t know how to use. This creates opportunities and vulnerabilities everywhere.

Besides, it’s much easier to hack people than computers: people have volatile emotions that make them paranoid and vulnerable. Specially when they know they belong to something dark and unfair.

That said, almost all IT security these days is “cheaper than possible” because the people in charge are not able to do risk management. Until there are “reference catastrophes” of sufficient magnitude they will mistakenly believe they are safe and do nothing.

Then they will find out that decades of mismanagement are not easy to fix. It’s always the same story, it’s utterly stupid because nobody listens to the experts.

Anything that can be hacked should be hacked, before the bad ones do it. Until then, we will just blame blame terrorists or “traitors”, a very old strategy that works regularly.