The monetary system was invented centuries ago and yet we continue to use it without asking the most basic questions about the fundamental fallacy.

This fallacy is that there is scarcity because human desires are infinite, while resources are limited.

Proof that this is a fallacy is what has happened with agriculture. A few centuries ago most of the western population was employed in it.

Shortages and famines were common. Today hardly anyone is engaged in it; people eat too much, and in fact in developed countries there is plenty of food left over.

Currency is not real for the same reason; and it is not based on gold, real assets, or any other scarce resource.

However, money is manufactured without apparent limit and given to the population in exchange for real value: their labor.

Another obvious example is the price of real estate. The argument to justify it is the ‘lack of land’. Another fallacy that is evident in countries like Spain, whose territory is mainly a huge unpopulated steppe. The shortage in this case is a purely political decision.

Scarcity is also induced by destroying products (versions, fashions, etc.), manufacturing limited series, extracting all kinds of expenses and taxes, regulating, and inflating speculative bubbles of all kinds.

Scarcity is one of the illusions that the system creates to keep people in ignorance. And to make everyone compete for something with no intrinsic value like money.

The objective is that the system can function based on credit.