So far, the essence of Internet has been spreading information. To do so it copies information for ever into nodes, clients, and people´s minds. That´s the reason because the Internet ended the music and movies industries as we knew them. It teared down the barriers to make copies.

The essence of the new Internet (based in Blockchain) is to transmit VALUE.

You can´t copy 100€ from one place to another because they would become worthless. But with the proper technology in place you can make sure those 100€ are not copied, and that when I send them to you I don´t have them anymore. Value can be money or any other kind of assets: properties, company shares, etc.

From copying everything for everyone to exchanging value:
Old Internet -> Copies INFORMATION
New Internet -> Transfers VALUE

In the real world, when you get a 100€ note you are quite sure no one created it from scratch (actually someone did… but that´s a different story). The key is to understand that the 100€ note has perceived value because you know that whoever gave the note to you, got it in exchange for some value.

Blockchain technology solves this problem, by making counterfeiting impossible, and preventing value from being spent twice. This is the double spend problem.