In the year 2022, running a reliable electric grid is a trivial technological challenge.

If you are a productive human but cannot get 24/7 #electricity today, the only possible explanation is that you’ve been enslaved by your local politicians & #centralbanks.

Electric grids were made reliable decades ago. There are no natural, technological or industrial reasons why they can’t be reliable anymore.

If you think anything about #climate is ruining grids, your literacy is a dangerous liability.

A grid is a very simple thing: buy a generator, put fuel in it and connect it to wires. It would be provided cheaply & easily on a free market. If you can’t find someone to sell you 24/7 electricity, you’re no different from a slave who only gets to own what his master gives him.

Carbon hysteria is of course the proximate reason for the destruction of grids & deindustrialization.

But the deeper reason is #fiat money, which gives infinite power to insane & criminal ideas like banning hydrocarbons & nuclear but subsidizing unworkable wind & solar scams.

Every human society in history has a majority of simpletons who want to believe they can control the #weather.

Only #fiat money allows them to weaponize the wealth of all humanity to taking all of humanity back to literal & figurative darkness.