Innovation around Bitcoin is being slow: mostly exchanges and wallets. The script makes it ‘programmable money’, but its probably too restrictive. To become mainstream, Bitcoin needs a killer app… but here´s the issue: the crypto community just does not respect the user.

Developers should understand what they are doing and why. Just developing Blockchain projects is not enough: understanding business needs and having a vision is.

People just don’t care about how technology works, they just don’t care about how cool is the Blockchain. That’s the reason Internet became mainstream: when people could overpass the TCP/IP or HTTP protocols with email and navigation apps. All of it was needed before WhatsApp.

Its time to focus just on 1.0 solutions for cryptocurrencies, instead of stratospherical ideas that need a lot more maintenance and marketing.

Focus should be on how to earn Bitcoin (selling products and services) instead of how to spend it. Once people earn Bitcoin, places to spend it will naturally form, and we will move from the speculative casino we are now to the real,  player-owned economy that this was all about in the first place.