VCs vs DAOs is it really a dilemma?

A DAO is like the crypto version of an investment club — and it could be the solution to one of the industry’s most nettlesome problems-.

DAOs disrupt the investment market. It allows people to invest in projects, vote on decisions like fundraising, participation in projects, etc.

✔️ A DAO allows your startup to work directly with investors globally, while maintaining transparency and a protocol. Shareholders can view the financial statements of the DAO in real-time as they are always readily available on the blockchain, which reduces the risk of censorship and corruption.

❌ But while DAOs sound fair and democratic, they are often regressive, functioning much like a shareholder vote, not on a “one person/one vote” principle. This is entirely consistent with libertarian ideology, because with centralization as the bugaboo, the wealthy can now purchase their power and influence legally even if it means commandeering the vote for someone’s personal benefit. The difference is that those consolidating ownership using DAOs can hide behind pseudonyms.

The risks and benefits of VCs for crypto communities.

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