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Time for a Change of Scenery on the Job?

Nothing has been quite so transformative during the last two years as the way we work. The future of work and our mobility as knowledge workers has been augmented by digital transformation. Ready to have the best of both worlds? Well now you can. 

This article will explore many of those familiar clichés of the benefits of remote work for the knowledge worker. Many forget it’s not just for the individual programmer, software engineer or back-end knowledge worker, but also is better for organizations, firms, and their industrial psychology. 

The pandemic brought us many challenges including lockdowns, physical separation, uncertainty, loneliness, a shift in how we spend our time and relate, even with family and, for some of the lucky few of us, remote work. So what are the benefits of remote work? Do the benefits outweigh the potential mental health and salary costs? While this is an immensely personal weighing, society continues to churn from the office in the ‘great resignation’. 

Remote work certainly seems tethered with the future of work for various knowledge workers including those in programming, datascience, machine learning and so forth. 

Heading into the second half of 2021 and into 2022, how will remote work feel as the new normal and what benefits will we no longer be able to live without. Do you know someone in the office of in management who is skeptical of the benefits for the firm or for workers? Share with them this article. 

More Life-Work Balance: More Quality Shared Time

I have been enjoying work from home. It has allowed me more time with the family. No commute in the morning, no commute in the evening. Still put the hours in, but my breaks consist of family time. When I was in the office, I was lucky to get an hour with the family on a weekday. Enjoy the new house. Have fun exploring CO, so much to do there. We miss it. Hoping we stay remote, but as of now, that is planned to mostly end in September for me. Richard Litsky.

More time with family is the single most reported benefit of more hybrid work or remote work arrangements. This can lead to healthier family units, marked improvements in spousal relationships and more social support when facing the ups and downs of life.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle: More Housing Opportunities

The pandemic really has shown that remote working is a viable option in so many ways including having the…

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