The key advantage of chatbots is that they are ready to interact with potential customers 24/7. They can answer any question in a jiffy – be its square footage, leasing terms, or any other topic of interest for real estate domain.

Moreover, based on user preferences, a chatbot can make personalized offerings. All in all, real-estate chatbots are very effective at engaging visitors and generating higher lead conversions.

Main advantages revolve around:

  • Customers want quick, frictionless answers and solutions to their issues
  • The chatbot never sleeps: 24/7 customer support.
  • Responsive response: according to customer´s mood lead to a human.
  • No waiting times (a major friction point in all support services).

Some relevant issues before implementing:

  • When is it relevant in the customer journey?
  • What to do when it can not engage or answer?
  • How much “humanness” do these customers need?
  • How much generic information does the bot need to learn?
  • Is there any redirection to human agents?