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DeFi on Avalanche: How to get started yield farming

Get started farming on Avalanche and enjoy Ethereum dapps without the high feesIf you missed the golden days of high yield and low fees on Ethereum, then Avalanche has you covered. It is cementing itself as the DeFi hub for low-cost, high-yield farming.After a year of operation, the Ethereum competitor now hosts a whopping $10 billion of assets (TVL), making it the fourth largest economy in cryptocurrency.Despite the success, you can still easily find APRs in excess of 100% on leading asset pairs, with fees less than a dollar.This growth has been fuelled by…

Flurry Finance deploys on Polygon after hitting $3 million TVL in just a month of launch

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Flurry Finance, a DeFi protocol that offers efficient cross-chain yield farming to the DeFi community, is all set to deploy its utility token RHO and its governance token FLURRY on the Polygon network on 1st December 2021.The FLURRY ecosystem keeps growing with new partnerships and a newly announced reward campaign.Since announcing its partnership with Polygon in August to optimize yield farming, Flurry Finance has achieved a number of key milestones including:Mainnet launched on the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks
Product launched on BSC…

BNBMatrix: The New Face of High-Yield Farming

Yield is everything when finding the best crypto-assets for your portfolio, and there is no substitute for BNBMatrix. As always, let us not forget the power of blockchain, the magic of smart contracts, and lately, the growth of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as fuel for the Dapp market.
High-Yield Farming: All You Need to Know
Long-time DeFi investors know the power of patience. The global cryptocurrency market is expected to gain a significant leg-up this year and the next (Source: Goldman Sachs), leaving Dapps to leverage this potential source of growth.
There is…

Multiply your BUSD with Yield Farming

People are slowly moving away from fiat money and adopting cryptocurrency. Fiat is not a good option because it is easily counterfeited by central banks and printed unlimitedly. However, cryptocurrencies can’t be printed like fiat money, making it a better alternative to many people worrying about inflation.
The world is rapidly adopting blockchain technology. Defi tools are one of the most popular and successful platforms right now. BUSDMatrix.io is a Dapp based on Defi protocol that provides a high return on BUSD deposits. The return can be as high as 234%.
The product is a smart…

Regulation Is Coming, These Blockchain Projects Are Ready

Over the last couple of years, blockchain technology and the DeFi applications that it supports have spread far and wide.From collateralized lending to yield farming, liquidity pools to fractional ownerships via NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the DeFi ecosystem offers way better returns than traditional finance (TradFi). The expansion of the DeFi sector has been so rapid that most governments and regulators worldwide found themselves unprepared.Until recently, financial regulators have primarily been trying to catch up to the evolving technology.Ever since the US SEC issued its investigative…

BNBMatrix: All You Need to Know Earning Profits with Yield Farming

BNBMatrix.io is a smart contract-based Dapp built on the Binance Smart Chain that allows users to invest in cryptocurrencies. It went live 15 days ago and has already passed the 6200 BNB mark, with the number of BNBs still increasing at the time of writing. The objective is to get the most out of the Binance Smart Chain without investing excessive amounts of time and resources on it.
The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has experienced a surge in its blockchain activity, including token swaps, decentralized applications, non-financial tokens, and decentralized…

Yield farming and DeFi are coming to Bitcoin via new Bitcoin DEX

Stackswap is taking DeFi on Bitcoin to the next level with the launch of the very first decentralized exchange (DEX) to settle transactions on the Bitcoin network via Stacks. Stackswap stitches together some of the existing DeFi tools within the Stacks network and enables users to engage in swaps, liquidity mining, token creation, and yield earning opportunitiesDeFi on BitcoinStackswap, who recently announced their $1.3 milion funding round, uses the power of the Stacks blockchain, allowing for Bitcoin-powered smart contracts and innovation on Bitcoin. Users can engage in DeFi on Bitcoin…

Top 5 Yield Farming Coins to Watch In 2022 – The VR Soldier

With the recent boom of Metaverse and Meme coins, it seems that Yield Farming projects have been forgotten about. With the “DeFi Summer of 2020” over, Yield Farming still remains one of the most popular ways to earn rewards with your crypto.
If you’re not familiar with Yield Farming, it allows you to earn with your existing cryptocurrency by lending out and staking your crypto on liquidity pools. There are a variety of popular options for Yield Farming, and in this article we will explore our top 5 projects that have a great outlook in 2022. The below list is in order of market…

Beginner’s Guide to Yield Farming in DeFi

Yield farming involves lending or staking cryptocurrency in exchange for interest and other rewards.
Yield farmers measure their returns in terms of annual percentage yields (APY).
While potentially profitable, yield farming is also incredibly risky.
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Yield farming is a means of earning interest on your cryptocurrency, similar to how you’d earn interest on any…

DeFi Project Spotlight: Abracadabra.Money, DeFi’s Magic Money Spell Book

Key Takeaways
Abracadabra.Money is a lending protocol that lets users deposit interest-bearing assets to mint a multi-chain stablecoin called Magic Internet Money.
Its lending engine allows for leveraged yield farming by unlocking stranded capital to turn what would’ve otherwise been illiquid assets liquid.
The fully-collateralized and decentralized stablecoin MIM can be found on all decentralized exchanges across all blockchains.

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Abracadabra.Money is a lending protocol that allows users to deposit interest-bearing assets as collateral to borrow a stablecoin called…

BNBMatrix: A High Yield Farming Dapp offering up to 239% ROI

DeFi has been a game-changer in the blockchain space. With each passing day, crypto investors are getting to witness its benefits unfolding; one of which being – the new earning opportunities it offers to the users.
Yield Farming happens to be one of the hottest topics in the crypto world at the moment. Simply put, yield farming is a way to use your cryptocurrency to earn more.
BNBMatrix is a Dapp based on BSC to facilitate yield farming. The goal is to make the most of the Binance Smart Chain without having to spend too much time and/or resources.


A gaming DAO metaverse and yield farm come together in this recently launched NFT collection

The launch of this space-themed NFT collection gives users access to an intergalactic metaverse including an NFT game, yield farming service and digital art collection.It all starts in a metaverse where an intergalactic war breaks out.  Four thousand inhabitants from different blockchain planets, including Bitcoione, the largest planet in the Universe, and Cardaggar, a self-governed society, must take refuge in an abandoned city. Here, they build a new society called ‘SIDUS.’ To distance themselves from their past stories and the clashes that happened between planets; the inhabitants…

World’s First DeFi Metaverse Index Fund With Yield

DAOventures is launching the world’s first metaverse yield farming DeFi Fund on September 17, 2021. It will be named Metaverse Farmer, which provides access to a wide range of metaverse cryptocurrency assets.

Index funds are a popular investment option for those looking to diversify their portfolio. Traditional index funds are essentially investment vehicles that track an index like the S&P 500 or Russell 2000.

The advantage of index funds is that they allow investors to gain broad exposure to an asset class without having to actively manage their…

Simple and secure DeFi solutions become the focus of a 185 million dollar funding round

Although decentralized finance (DeFi) is gaining popularity, to reach mainstream adoption, a cohesive user experience must become a focus. As crypto assets are being utilized in different ways, they are also becoming dispersed across more chains and protocols. Furthermore, for DeFi users, the added complexity of the latest industry developments, including new tokens, emerging yield farming opportunities and different projects, make it difficult to understand the lay of the land. The result is that users will require several different apps, software and other tools to track their portfolio….

How Yield Farming on Curve Is Quietly Conquering DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and their associated yields have earned a unique reputation across traditional finance and even the broader crypto market as risky, unsustainable and even Ponzi-esque. Where does the yield come from and how is it 100 times higher than the rates offered from bonds, certificate of deposits or savings accounts?A handful of protocols essentially created peer-to-peer lending, trading and insurance protocols that remove a middleman like a bank, exchange or…

Ethereum is a ‘brand’ now, but can its DeFi ecosystem remain unmatched

The DeFi ecosystem has become a legitimate part of the crypto-ecosystem over the past year. It started as a yield farming experiment by Yearn Finance on Ethereum. However, very soon, multiple exchanges, lending, and payment protocols came into being from the decentralized finance segment.
The explosive nature of DeFi on Ethereum led to rising tx fees. Shortly, other blockchains were seen making themselves DeFi-compatible. Over the past few months, the likes of Solana, Binance Smart Chain,…

How to Earn Huge Profits With DeFi Yield Farming: Crypto Hedge Fund

Alya Kremb is co-founder and chief operating officer of the $10 million crypto hedge fund Diffuse.
Kremb breaks down the firm’s two DeFi yield farming strategies that generate attractive returns.
She shares a yield farming pool that offers a prelaunch APR of 90,000%, according to its website. 
Even with bitcoin and ethereum notching new all-time highs, the opportunities in crypto are so…