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From Storage to Story: Delivering New Value by Unlocking the Power of Data

When it comes to data, does your organization operate with a Storage mindset or a Story mindset? Are you collecting data and allowing it to go dark without a clear purpose, or are you actively identifying, capturing and uncovering the stories data can unleash?

Our friends over at Kin+Carta know that optimizing the full value of data and figuring out where to start can be difficult. That is why the company has authored this whitepaper, “From Storage to Story: Delivering New Value by…

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Source: insidebigdata.com

The Whitepaper BS

No successful VC pitch starts with a 50 page white paper. It’s about explain the problem you solve, your added value, what it will cost, and how will you make money.

Most of the developing world lives out of $2 a day. They are not going to switch to cryptos to lose suddenly $1 because some hacker, ‘authority’ or whale cracks into some marketplace.

Large institutions are not going to risk trillions of dollars in some immutable but trackable database. Rely on some Russian teenager to unfreeze funds is not a viable option for fund managers. If you solve one problem by creating bigger ones you haven’t solved anything.… Read more...

Becoming an ICO Advisor

The Idea: Tech team comes up with a new idea, technology, etc. around BC technology. In order to use the new tecnology, tokens are required and they are issued at the ICO. The tokens represent the cost of transacting (use to be called fuel) in the new platform.

The Announcement. Team anounces an ICO, representing the problem, how to solve it, etc. Uses a whitepaper. Instead of heavy technical details, whitepapers tend to be executive summaries, heavy on marketing jargon and promises. Channels are specialized online channels and forums.

The Capital Target. Team anounces how much capital is needed to execute the idea.… Read more...