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Game Theory and Alignment of Incentives in Web3

The fundamental idea behind #web3 is about the alignment of incentives among the participants. But designing incentives to create #networks is complicated.

👉 This is the reason many the Web3 projects are not delivering any value or building real #communities.

✅ Game Theory to the rescue

There is a whole sub-discipline of economics and #GameTheory dedicated to studying how to design protocols that encourage rational actors to behave in socially desirable ways: it is called ‘Mechanism Design’.… Read more...

NFTs: Next Big Thing in Advertising?

New brand storytelling and audience interaction methods have emerged that allow companies to use #NFTs to boost brand awareness, because of the fan base they attract.

And as #web3 continues to evolve and grow, so will the adaptation of NFTs in the #Metaverse economy as:

✅ game assets
✅ membership passes
✅ virtual land ownership

The problem with royalties:

A typical brand marketing campaign today pays a creator up-front for a partnership.… Read more...

The system uses centralization in all its forms to extract value from added value activities

Ego, short-termism, and greed for astronomical returns in a public way are part of that behavior.

That is why most of what is done in #web3 is actually an extension of the system.

And that´s why it will be treated as such.… Read more...

The Whitepaper BS in #Web3

No successful #startup pitch starts with a 50 page whitepaper.

It’s about explaining your added value, your community, what it will cost, and how will you make money.

you don´t need a 50 pages doc to explain that.

Get rid of BS and kick ass!

Get educated on #nfts

99% of the current projects will fail .. just like internet stocks in 1999,

…but the overall technology of where blockchain tech is, and what #web3 means to all of us is a big deal.

#web3 and #nfts will not become mainstream until all (centralized) players secure their interests and their share of the pie.

That is, until they control the technology and #regulation to make it happen.

hopefully they fail this time

Is Decentralization a Hoax?

The future evolution of stake-based voting is hotly debated in crypto communities because true decentralisation is not just a core philosophical value but also a technological requirement.

But here´s the thing: #decentralization sometimes becomes an empty word used by centralized companies and centralized regulators to hijack innovation, and shape #web3 deployment to their interests.… Read more...