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The Architecture Behind DeepMind’s Model for Near Real-Time Weather Forecasts

Deep Generative Model of Rain (DGMR) is the newest creation from DeepMind which can predict precipitation in short-term intervals.

Source: https://technohubnewzz.blogspot.com/2021/10/artificial-intelligence-can-forecast-if.html

Hurricane Hunting From Outer Space

If you live in the right part of the world, you spend a lot of the year worried about hurricanes or — technically — tropical cyclones. These storms carry an amazing amount of power and can change your life. However, we are relatively spoiled these days compared to the past. It is hard to imagine, but there was a time when a hurricane’s arrival was something of a mystery. Sure, ships would report what they encountered, but finding exact data about a hurricane was a bit hit or miss. We often talk about space technology making life better. Weather forecasting — especially for tropical storms — is one place where money spent in space has made life much better on Earth.


RENCI Collaboration to Leverage AI and ML for DOE Workflows – HPCwire

Sept. 10, 2021 — The Department of Energy (DOE) advanced Computational and Data Infrastructures (CDIs) – such as supercomputers, edge systems at experimental facilities, massive data storage, and high-speed networks – are brought to bear to solve the nation’s most pressing scientific problems, including assisting in astrophysics research, delivering new materials, designing new drugs, creating more efficient engines and turbines, and making more accurate and timely weather forecasts and climate change predictions.

Increasingly, computational science campaigns are leveraging distributed, heterogeneous scientific infrastructures that span multiple locations connected by high-performance networks, resulting in scientific data being pulled from instruments to computing, storage, and visualization facilities.