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Are VPNs Safe? It’s Complicated

Like clockwork, it seems as though every time you check the news you see a story about a major hack of an organization’s VPN. Colonial Pipeline, a major supplier of oil, is a perfect example, demonstrating just how fragile a VPN can be when the company was hacked via its…

Emerging Cybersecurity Trends to Monitor in 2021

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Cybersecurity has never been as important as it is today. With more people than ever before accessing the internet for work or pleasure, the number of targets for cybercriminals continues to increase daily, as does the number of cyberattacks. In addition, factors such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have further increased the cybersecurity challenges faced by individuals and corporations. This post will be placing the top emerging cybersecurity trends to monitor in 2021 under the microscope and take a closer look at what can be done to remain secure in the face of these threats.

Remote Working and Cybersecurity

The recent explosion in the number of people who work remotely has drastically increased the attack surface for cybercriminals, and they are taking full advantage of the opportunity.… Read more...

Migrating From Heroku Postgres to Amazon RDS

1. Security Considerations

In the AWS ecosystem, you control access via VPNs and VPN Security Groups.
When connecting Heroku App to RDS Instance you will need to use a public URL and possibly IP Restriction. In general, you want to avoid using a public URL for database connection if you are working within AWS, but in this case, it can be the only choice. So, how can we improve the security:

  • Restrict Postgresql Connection to a private IP from Heroku
    This option is ONLY POSSIBLE if you have Heroku Private Spaces or you buy a dedicated IP Add On (those are most commonly pay per request/bandwidth). Both of those options might get very expensive and wipe out the cost savings of moving to RDS.
  • Restrict RDS inbound traffic with Security Group
    Regardless if you have private IP or not, you should restrict Inbound connections to your RDS instance to PostgreSQL TCP traffic.

Globalist Tianxia, Double Bind and Putin's unsolvable Dilemma

The ideological situation in Russia on the eve of the elections is becoming tenser and tenser. The election result does not matter. But the system itself begins to tremble not from impending risks but entering into resonance from the contradictions accumulated in itself. They are not reflected in elections, but in the system itself and in society – how. This election cannot even pretend to let off steam. The fact of the matter is that they do not release anything. Steam accumulates, the structure begins to pound the inner tremors.

Everyone notices that the run-up to the fifth column in the Russian Federation is only gradually increasing. Moreover, the more the West tries to support the terrorist organizations of liberals banned in Russia, the less they are reckoned with inside.


The Art and Science of Building AI

For the AI enthusiasts of the world, it is always a wonder as to what makes an AI model great. Does it take a scientific mind or an artistic mind?

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During the last several years, the great scientific minds have researched to understand human’s cognitive abilities to understand how humans store, process, and access information. How is knowledge organized? How do we constantly learn from our experiences and apply as needed? This has resulted in a deeper understanding of human learning and to possibly answer the most enigmatic question of all as to what intelligence really means. There have been significant efforts to model that into machines to pave way for artificial intelligence revolution.