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Efficiently Donating Excess COVID Vaccine Supplies

Exploring logistics optimizations in the context of COVID vaccination donations
by Kaan Karamete, Saif Ahmed, Matt Brown, Kyle Sutton, and Chad Meley

About The Project
We’ve all heard of the Traveling Salesperson Problem, it is one of the most common Graph problems and has numerous implementations. In the practice, however, problems are much more complicated. In the world of logistics, a more realistic setup is typically the Multiple Supply Demand Chain Optimization (MSDO), where there…

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A study of more than 1,300 San Francisco area residents shows those who received COVID vaccinations were more likely to be infected with COVID variants than unvaccinated individuals.

The study, while not yet peer reviewed, would provide more…

Continue reading: https://trendsresearch.com/vaccinated-more-likely-to-become-infected-with-covid-variants-says-new-study/

Source: trendsresearch.com

Delta Plus: Everything you need to know about the new coronavirus variant

Scientists are researching the Delta Plus variant of coronavirus, named for its extra spike mutation that is not found in the Delta strain currently dominating in the UK.

It is believed to have originated in India, where the Delta strain was first found. The altered variant was confirmed to be in the UK in April 2021, and data reported by Public Health England (PHE) on 17 September 2021 shows that there have been a total of 163 Delta Plus cases so far.

However, early studies suggest the Delta Plus mutation will not be able to evade the protection offered by vaccines.



What are the chances of getting vax and getting COVID, and not getting vaxxed and getting COVID? 

About 50-50

The Irish Times on 10 September reported, based on 323 COVID-19 patients hospitalized at the time of the study (at the end of August), that slightly more than half had been fully vaccinated. 

Also, one-sixth of the COVID deaths since April have been ascribed to “breakthrough” infections in fully vaccinated patients; such breakthroughs also account for more than 25 percent of ICU admissions since July.

The article claims that the rising number of breakthrough cases is a function of the greater number of vaccinated persons in the population (now about 90 percent), and that the majority of COVID hospitalizations now involve vaccinated persons. 


Mechanisms Behind Vaccine Side-Effects: the Science that Causes That Sore Arm

After receiving a vaccination shot, it’s likely that we’ll feel some side-effects. These can range from merely a sore arm to swollen lymph nodes and even a fever. Which side-effects to expect depend on the exact vaccine, with each type and variant coming with its own list of common side-effects. Each person’s immune system will also react differently, which makes it hard to say exactly what one can expect after receiving the vaccination.

What we can do is look closer at the underlying mechanisms that cause these side-effects, to try and understand why they occur and how to best deal with them.


Fight Disease With A Raspberry Pi

Despite the best efforts of scientists around the world, the current global pandemic continues onward. But even if you aren’t working on a new vaccine or trying to curb the virus with some other seemingly miraculous technology, there are a few other ways to help prevent the spread of the virus. By now we all know of ways to do that physically, but now thanks to [James Devine] and a team at CERN we can also model virus exposure directly on our own self-hosted Raspberry Pis.

The program, called the Covid-19 Airborne Risk Assessment (CARA), is able to take in a number of metrics about the size and shape of an area, the number of countermeasures already in place, and plenty of other information in order to provide a computer-generated model of the number of virus particles predicted as a function of time.


COVID-19, Bayes’ Rule, and Simpson’s paradox

Israel has a very high COVID-19 vaccination rate and yet, on August 15, 2021, 58% of those Israelis hospitalized for COVID-19 were fully vaccinated — suggesting that vaccinations are ineffective or even harmful.

This is a great example of two common statistical traps. The first is confusion about inverse probabilities. One hundred doctors were once asked this hypothetical question:

In a routine examination, you find a lump in a female patient’s breast. In your experience, only 1 out of 100 such lumps turn out to be malignant, but, to be safe, you order a mammogram X-ray. If the lump is malignant, there is a 0.80 probability that the mammogram will identify it as malignant; if the lump is benign, there is a 0.90 probability that the mammogram will identify it as benign.


Los gobiernos mienten y los pueblos consienten

Un gobierno impune tiende a acumular sus fechorías a la vista de todos, por aquello de que la evidencia es lo último que se ve. Los jueces asienten y los pueblos consienten, pero cuando transcurre el tiempo, los hechos se decantan y pasan factura. Nadie sabe muy bien de qué cajón van a salir esas deudas ni quién las acabará pagando.

Desde que se anunció la creación de las vacunas contra el Coronavirus, hace algo más de 8 meses, se han administrado oicialmente 3.548.793.715 dosis de los distintos sueros que producen los laboratorios de Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca y Johnson. Eran 1.000 millones más hasta agosto, pero el Instituto Johns Hopkins ha retocado su contabilidad a la baja.


How Mathematics can aid in controlling epidemics

Compartmental Models

Source: Unplash by Fusion Medical Animation

It’s always an uncertainity. We’re always at the infectious disease roulette table (By Dr.William Schaffner)

With the present Covid 19 pandemic, we can see how accurate the above quote by Dr.Schaffner is. It is uncertain when we might be in the midst of a pandemic. Infectious diseases have been known to debilitate and kill humans since the dawn of time. Cholera, measles, malaria, Ebola, dengue fever, and the current Covid 19 are just a few instances.

While some diseases can be treated with medicine, vaccinations, vector population reductions, or behavioral modifications, finding the correct control strategy to keep the problem under control is equally critical.… Read more...

This Week in the New Normal #5

Our successor to This Week in the Guardian, This Week in the New Normal is our weekly chart of the progress of autocracy, authoritarianism and economic restructuring around the world.

1. Mandatory vaccines for NHS workers?

The UK’s health secretary Sajid Javid is said to be considering mandatory Covid “vaccines” for all NHS employees. Such a move could be disastrous, and likely intentionally so.

The UK already has mandatory vaccinations for carehome workers, a policy which is predicted to cause 10,000s of posts to be emptied. Almost every care facility and old person’s home in the country already has a sign out front almost begging for staff.


Reports of rare body inflammation after Covid-19 vaccinations being reviewed by EU watchdog

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has announced it is reviewing a possible link to a rare inflammatory condition following the administration of coronavirus vaccines after a case was reported post Pfizer shot.
In a statement on Friday, the agency announced that an investigation is underway by its Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) to determine whether there is a risk of “multisystem inflammatory syndrome” (MIS) following inoculation against Covid-19.

The assessment follows after a 17-year-old boy in Denmark received a shot of Pfizer/BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine and subsequently complained of the condition. The EMA describes the syndrome as “a serious inflammatory condition affecting many parts of the body and symptoms can include tiredness, persistent severe fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach pain, headache, chest pain and difficulty breathing.”


How (and why) Israel changed what “fully vaccinated” means

Kit Knightly

Israel has been at the forefront of the vaccination push ever since November 2020, when they signed agreements with Pfizer to run what were essentially medical experiments on their civilian population.

They were the first country to roll out the Pfizer vaccine. They were the first country to try out the (since abandoned) “Green passes” system of medical segregation. And now they’re the first country to change the terms of the “get vaccinated and get your freedom back” contract.

That’s right. Just as “three weeks to flatten the curve” turned into around 18-months (and counting), “double jabbed” is now evolving into “triple jabbed”.


Reporting From BornHack 2021: Hacker Camps Making It Through The Pandemic

In a normal summer we would be spoiled for choice here in Europe when it came to our community’s events, with one big camp and a host of smaller ones near and far. Only the most hardcore of travelers manage to make it to all of them, but it’s usually possible to take in at least one or two over the season. But of course, this isn’t a normal summer. Many of us may now be vaccinated against COVID-19, but we remain in the grip of a global pandemic. The massive Dutch MCH camp was postponed until 2022, and most of the smaller camps have fallen by the wayside due to uncertainty.


Japan suspends Moderna Covid vaccine after another million doses found contaminated, bringing total to 2.6 million

Japanese officials have suspended the use of millions of doses of the Moderna Covid vaccine after foreign substances were found in a number of batches and two people died after receiving jabs from the affected lots.

The Japanese government discovered the contamination over the weekend in a batch of the Moderna Covid vaccine in Gunma prefecture, close to Tokyo, forcing officials to temporarily suspend use of the vaccines.

The decision to suspend a total of 2.6 million doses of the Moderna vaccines comes after 1.63 million shots were halted last week following the discovery of contaminants in some vials in a batch that was shipped to more than 860 vaccination centers across the country.


This Week in the New Normal #4

Our successor to This Week in the Guardian, This Week in the New Normal is our weekly chart of the progress of autocracy, authoritarianism and economic restructuring around the world.

1. Vaccine Brand Wars?

On Friday, a UK coroner confirmed that BBC presenter Lisa Shaw, who died in May, was killed by the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine.

The media have, naturally, gone out of their way to remind their public that “vaccines are safe for most people”, and that Covid is “more likely to give you blood clots than the vaccine”. But that’s hardly surprising.

What’s really interesting is that the story made headlines at all.


“It’s all for your own good”

TE Creus

One of the most annoying aspects of the current measures supposedly created “against the pandemic” that we have been subjected for almost two years now is the insistence that everything is done “for our own good”, as if governments and big companies were strict but caring parents, and we were just unruly or disobedient children who don’t really know what they need.

It brings to mind CS Lewis’ warning about that most oppressive of tyrannies, “a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims.”

Now, I cannot tell for sure if the vaccines, the lockdowns, the travel restrictions and the masks work or not.


Using data science to allocate COVID-19 resources, address demographic disparities | Stanford News

Whether it be ventilators or vaccines, allocating limited supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a persistent problem, especially in underserved, minority communities that have been affected disproportionately by the coronavirus. Now, a study by Stanford scholars has developed a promising new way to reach vulnerable populations and deliver resources more equitably.

Daniel Ho (Image credit: Rod Searcey)

Working in collaboration with public health officials in Santa Clara County and community leaders in East San Jose, Stanford scholars borrowed a simple concept from machine learning to prototype a new way to distribute COVID-19 diagnostic tests that were critical to better understanding the transmission of the coronavirus.


Alex Jones calls Donald Trump a ‘dumba**’ after he recommends taking Covid vaccines

InfoWars founder Alex Jones blasted former President Donald Trump for recommending supporters get the Covid-19 vaccine at an Alabama rally. Trump promoted vaccinations to a crowd in the city of Cullman and was met with boos.

“Now, that’s OK. That’s all right. You got your freedoms,” Trump said in response. “But I happen to take the vaccine. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know. OK? I’ll call up Alabama and say, ‘Hey, you know what?’ But it is working.”

Jones was among those displeased with the former president’s latest vaccine endorsement. In a recent taping of his InfoWars show, Jones suggested Trump – once a regular guest – could be a “dumba**.”


FDA officially approves Pfizer “vaccine”…despite incomplete trials

Kit Knightly

FDA building, Washington DC. Licensed through Adobe Stock.

The US Food and Drug Administration has officially approved Pfizer mRNA-based “Covid vaccine” for use on members of the public.

The vaccine, previously only released under an “Emergency Use Authorisation”, is the first of the many so-called vaccines to be fully approved in the US. It will now be sold under its rather ungainly brand name “Comirnaty”.

The move comes much sooner than expected, considering the “vaccine’s” medical trials are nowhere near completion.

The mRNA vaccine, based on technology never used on humans before, has only been available for use since last winter, and the trials aren’t set to end until 2023 (and those that are completed are deeply suspicious).


La gestión de la crisis sanitaria: Cuando el remedio es peor que la enfermedad

España es un país caótico que a veces tiene su encanto. No es este el caso. Desde el mes de febrero del pasado año, la gestión de las residencias de ancianos ha sido bastante desastrosa. A la vista está. Al margen de otras consideraciones generales, que ya hemos tratado con abundante detalle, la campaña de vacunación universal ha podido resultar perversa o, por lo menos, contraproducente. Como todos los residentes estaban “vacunados”, muchos han bajado la guardia durante el verano y prescindido de las medidas profilácticas más eficaces.

Los hechos y los datos contrastados no dejan lugar a duda, sea cual sea la estrategia mediática del gobierno y de sus voceros.


On the grid: Estimating population density for anywhere on earth

“How many people live here?” From estimating demand for transport infrastructure to planning vaccine distribution, this question is an essential starting point for public policy analysis. And yet it remains surprisingly hard to answer, with analysts spending hours hunting down datasets that depict population density in the specific locations that interest them.


La empresa informática del pasaporte digital de vacunas en Reino Unido es propiedad de los hijastros del Ministro de Propaganda nazi Joseph Goebbels

Necesitamos tu ayuda…
La censura de motores de búsqueda, agencias de publicidad y redes sociales controladas por el establishment está recortando nuestros ingresos. Esto nos está haciendo difícil continuar. Si te parece útil el contenido que publicamos, por favor ten en consideración apoyarnos con una donación económica.

Por Amy Laurence

Entrust, una empresa de Tecnologías de la Información (TI) con sede en Estados Unidos y propiedad de los hijastros del nazi Joseph Goebbels, espera ganar unas 840.000 libras esterlinas del Gobierno del Reino Unido para ayudar a fabricar los certificados digitales COVID-19 a través de la aplicación del Servicio Nacional de Salud (NHS), según documentos publicados el miércoles 28 de julio.