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The time is now for the synthetic data revolution

We’re going into the final sprint of the year. Time will fly by as we get stuck into the festive season, and before we know it, we’ll have a brand new year stretching out ahead of us. Not that I like to wish time away, but I can’t wait for 2022. That’s because it looks set to be a huge year for synthetic data. Forbes picked it in a list of the 5 biggest data science trends for 2022, while Gartner put synthetic data at number one in its top strategic predictions for 2022 and beyond. If we’re talking about the passing of time, going from founding Mindtech four years ago to the…

Black Friday Shopping Down 28% Over 2019 Levels Despite Improvement Over Last Year

The good news: Black Friday retail traffic was up 47.5% over last year. The bad news: It was still 28.3% lower vs. 2019 levels, according to CNBC, citing preliminary data from Sensormatic Solutions.”It’s clear shoppers are shopping earlier this season, just as they did last season,” according to Sensormatic senior director of global retail consulting, Brian Field, who added that two primary reasons shoppers are concerned about the supply chain and Covid.The peak time for Black Friday shopping in stores was 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., similar to trends in past years, Sensormatic said. Black Friday…

India to Develop Blockchain Network for eGovernment Procurement Systems – OpenGov Asia

Globally, public sectors are overwhelmingly moving to information digitisation. This has been proven to be a catalyst and fuel for transformation within the public sector today, allowing them to understand trends, make decisions and better serve citizens. With this, though, comes the tremendous responsibility of managing and protecting data – in terms of privacy as well as safekeeping. This is done through policy, process and infrastructure.
While policy establishment is the purview of the government, it needs input from various stakeholders and experts. More so, as with cutting edge…

10 AI tech trends data scientists should know

AI adoption is accelerating across industries, driven by a combination of concrete results, high expectations and a lot of money. Among the many new AI concepts and techniques launching almost daily, 10 AI tech trends in particular grab data scientists’ attention.

1. MLOps
Machine learning operations (MLOps) isn’t a new concept, but it’s a relatively new “Ops” practice which operationalizes machine learning models. MLOps seeks to understand what works and doesn’t work in a model in order to create more reliable models in the future.
It’s the last mile of machine learning model…

2022 Trends in Data Governance: Operational Capabilities

For organizations everywhere—regardless of industry, size, or area of focus—data governance has reached a critical inflection point. It has long been established as a vital area of risk management predicated on achieving regulatory compliance, maintaining data privacy, and ensuring ongoing sustainability of data as an enterprise asset.

Today, however, it’s bounding beyond its risk management capabilities to boldly enter the arena of operations as one of the most viable constructs for either determining or influencing data-driven action. Moreover, recent developments have enabled…

6 positive AI visions for the future of work

Current trends in AI are nothing if not remarkable. Day after day, we hear stories about systems and machines taking on tasks that, until very recently, we saw as the exclusive and permanent preserve of humankind: making medical diagnoses, drafting legal documents, designing buildings, and even composing music.

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Our concern here, though, is with something even more striking: the prospect of high-level machine intelligence systems that outperform human beings at essentially every task. This is not science fiction. In a recent survey the median estimate among…

The Cronos-Based Decentralized Reserve Currency

Email Creating an alternative to centralized financial institutes has been a main aspiration of cryptocurrencies since their inception. However, trends such as centralized exchanges (CEXs) and the meteoric rise of stablecoins such as Tether have presented obstacles to this goal. Dove Finance is setting out to overcome them by launching a decentralized reserve currency based on Cronos. Its main aim is to become the currency of the people, based on decentralized governance. Here’s how.Solving the Issue of Stablecoins At the moment, most stablecoins are…

VP of WazirX NFT Marketplace on NFT Trends, Challenges, Solutions, and More

Vishakha Singh, VP of WazirX NFT Marketplace, and Matt Zahab, the host of the Cryptonews Podcast. Although only a small portion of the Indian population has purchased non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so far, the market is ripe for growth as there is a lot of interest in creating and monetizing content there, Vishakha Singh, Co-founder and Vice President (VP) of WazirX NFT Marketplace, told Cryptonews.com at the Blockchain Economy Expo 2021 conference in Dubai last week.Top India-based crypto exchange WazirX, which is owned by Binance and is planning to launch a non-custodial exchange, has…

Blockchain analytics service Nansen to incorporate DeFi protocol Arbitrum

Blockchain data provider Nansen has announced the upcoming integration of the Arbitrum network to enable its global users, both retail and institutional-grade, to identify emerging trends in the decentralized finance (DeFi) market.Technical charts and quantitative data will be accessible to view within a bespoke Arbitrum dashboard, akin to the more than 100 million data points across Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, among others.One of Nansen’s tools is Smart Money, a function that tracks the wallet addresses of hedge funds, institutional investments and whales, collating their…

For Rules in Technology, the Challenge is to Balance Code and Law

This article is part of our latest DealBook special report on the trends that will shape the coming decades.The first time the Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig told computer scientists they were the unwitting regulators of the digital age — about 20 years ago — he made a coder cry. “I am not a politician. I’m a programmer,” Mr. Lessig recalls her protesting, horrified by the idea.Now, the notion that “code is law”— from Mr. Lessig’s 1999 book “Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace” — does not shock young engineers or lawyers, the professor says. To digital natives…

Is Machine Learning Currently Hyped?

The main challenge that organisations face in implementing machine learning is the complex infrastructure or workload needs. A whopping 90% of CXOs feel the same way. Into the details of this – 88% struggle with integration and compatibility of AI/ML technologies, while 86% struggle with the frequent updates that are required for data science tooling.
Such stats by the DataRobot 5 Latest Trends in Enterprise Machine Learning 2021 report state that many organisations do have a difficult time keeping up with ML. This implores the question – is ML really overhyped?
Reality Check

The 5 Biggest Data Science Trends In 2022

The emergence of data science as a field of study and practical application over the last century has led to the development of technologies such as deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. Broadly speaking, it has enabled the emergence of machine learning (ML) as a way of working towards what we refer to as artificial intelligence (AI), a field of technology that’s rapidly transforming the way we work and live.

The 5 Biggest Data Science Trends In 2022

Data science encompasses the theoretical and practical application of ideas, including…

Analyzing the Bitcoin’s potential price-levels, given these market conditions

Corrections are a part of any bullish market and the majority of Bitcoin investors are presently expecting BTC to recover from its current position. While the short-term action seems healthy at the moment, the daily chart had a mild bearish confirmation. This means there is a possibility of further drawdowns in the market.
Keeping the article with a specific point of understanding correction levels, it is important to note the recoveries may take place anytime. The present data set isn’t indicative of future trends or directions.
Understanding Bitcoin Market On-chain volumes

The Sandbox maintaining a secure rally going forward, depends on this

The Sandbox is an rapidly rising token and this week was no different. Despite the market bleeding for the last 11 days where Bitcoin lost over 16.1%, the Sandbox has been moving in the opposite direction. Even though this rally isn’t as high as 318%, which took place in early November, it is significantly more secure for investors.
Did the Sandbox bring a SANDstorm?
The Sandbox this week pushed against the broader market trends and registered an 87.79% rise. This made a huge impact on the investors and SAND even managed to cross the $4 mark yesterday.
The Sandbox price action |…

Insights Weekly Update (11/19/2021) – Front Office Sports

This week’s Heat Check covers an emerging trend we have been observing in the IoT industry as it pertains to sports and commerce.

By 2030, the IoT industry is anticipated to be a multi-trillion dollar industry, with applications spanning across a wide array of verticals. One of those verticals? The sports industry.

Whether it’s smart stadiums, connected fitness or commerce, IoT and the connectivity of devices has the ability to fundamentally change industries.

Check out the full Heat Check now.

ICYMI: Last week, we published a Heat Check on trends in Mental Fitness and…

a Look at the Pros, Cons, and Future Trends

Source: AdobeStock/takashi tamiyaGreg Waisman, co-founder and COO of the global payment network Mercuryo.__________Since the inception of Bitcoin (BTC) back in 2009, there has always been buzz around the topic of adopting the cryptocurrency as a nation’s official legal tender.Indeed, such a move would mean one of the most significant milestones, for not just BTC, but also for the broader digital asset space. And when El Salvador’s government made bitcoin legal tender alongside the USD on September 7 2021, this distant dream became a reality.But is BTC well-suited to be utilised as a…

Tokenize Everything | ETF Trends

Here’s the problem with the crypto space right now: There’s quite literally so much cool stuff going on that it’s becoming legitimately impossible for any one person to even pretend to keep up with every interesting new project. Imagine I told you that I was up to speed on every cool small business idea in the world. You know I’d be lying. But that’s what the pace of growth is like in crypto right now, and that’s honestly a problem.Why Tokenization MattersAt the heart of most of what’s interesting right now in crypto are “tokens.” For the crypto-noobs like myself, a key…

BTC365: Play-to-earn crypto platform featuring $10mil dividend pool

Trading cards, especially rare and old ones, have always been particularly valuable. Just last month, a T206 Honus Wagner baseball card from 1909 sold for USD $6.6 million, beating the previous record set by a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card by more than a million dollars. But what happens when you combine the latest trends in modernity with something so quaintly archaic? The answer, as it turns out, is an explosively successful NFT-based trading card game: Splinterlands. 
Splinterlands, with its daily active user rate of almost 500,000, has handily overtaken other NFT stars like Axie…

Where NLP is heading

Natural language processing research and applications are moving forward rapidly. Several trends have emerged on this progress, and point to a future of more exciting possibilities and interesting opportunities in the field.

A look into what’s holding back Uniswap’s long-overdue rally

The past few months have been quite mundane for Uniswap. This DeFi token last witnessed a proper rally back in July-August. Over that period, notably, its price surged by more than 120% on the charts.
However, that didn’t last long. Since its honeymoon phase passed, UNI has either fallen on the charts or traded horizontally on the same.
UNI/USDT || Source: TradingView
The larger gloomy picture
As expected, most of Uniswap’s metrics have been exhibiting bearish market trends. Market participants’ interest with respect to this token is far from brewing. In fact, the state of the…

Whales might be key to XRP’s intended breach of $1.5

A month ago, when XRP’s price remained stagnant around the $1-mark, people from the space had started equating the crypto to a stablecoin. Post that episode, however, XRP registered a 42% spike on its chart over a 15-day period between 27 October and 10 November.
Micro-trends seldom remain consistent in the crypto-space. Keeping up with that tradition, XRP ended up dipping from its 2-month high level of $1.3, only to record a local low of $1.04 on 16 November.
XRP/USDT || Source: TradingView
XRP dancing to whales’ tune
XRP whales, once deemed to be missing from action, have gradually…

The future of business intelligence: Six key trends

Business intelligence (BI) has undergone significant transformation in recent years and certainly is not being superseded by artificial intelligence. In fact, it has become more efficient and user-friendly since moving to the cloud, utilising AI and machine learning, and its embedded implementation. Today’s business leaders know that data is a valuable asset that needs to be used effectively to ensure efficient company processes. They require powerful data analysis tools to help them in the decision-making process. Businesses are embracing sophisticated analytics and data science to…

Analyzing recent trends in the Avalanche platform

Avalanche touts to be the fastest smart contract blockchain while building products compatible with the Ethereum blockchain
There is currently a surge in the popularity of decentralized platforms, dApps and non-fungible tokens in the crypto ecosystem. Consequently, the blockchains enabling programmability, scalability and interoperability have struck a bounty, with many native altcoins steadily rising the crypto charts. Avalanche is one such network that has grown well this year and seeks to compete with Ethereum by developing its DeFi ecosystem. This article tries to…

Top 5 Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms of 2021

 Business intelligence and data analytics software are critical components of the big data technology stack. There are several BI platforms that analysts use to enhance their understanding and provide accurate insights and analyze trends of the company in their domain. Moreover, these tools help safeguard and pre plan strategies while adding profit to the businesses in critical times and peak festive seasons.  So, here are the leading 5 business intelligence and analytics data companies in India playing a significant role in 2021:Intellicus – It is a data integration and business…

Popular Tezos-Based NFT Marketplace Hic et Nunc Closed With No Explanation

Recently, a leading Tezos-based NFT platform – Hic et Nunc suddenly announced its shutdown without providing any reason, leaving the NFT community with many questions.A lot of NFT marketplaces have come to market but not all of them achieve success. Even atop marketplace could disappear.Starting as an ETH protocol, NFTs have now created their own ecosystem and undoubtedly become one of the most prominent trends in the market today.Tezos’ entry into the NFT market has attracted the attention of investors, but this event may dent the popularity of the platform.Hit et Nunc FoldsOn…