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Will AMC Theaters Accept Shiba Inu For Movie Tickets?

Those that have dabbled in the stock market during the pandemic, or followed the trending headlines, have probably ran into AMC and it’s massive jump during the 2020 pandemic. AMC now makes headlines once again in the crypto world, announcing it’s interest with hot crypto Shiba Inu. AMC Theatre CEO Adam Aron confirmed the company will begin accepting SHIB for online payment within the next two to four months.
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Big News & Future Moves…
This was tweeted by AMC CEO Adam Aron as he revealed…

How to Use Data Science in the Stock Market?

by Madhurjya Chowdhury
November 4, 2021
You can read about the potential of data science everywhere. Data is a source of concern for everyone. Businesses are interested in learning how data may help them cut costs and boost their profits. Data science has piqued the interest of the healthcare business, which wants to know how it may help them forecast illnesses and deliver better treatment to its patients.Data science is being utilized in this way to give an in-depth understanding of the stock market and financial statistics. We purchase, sell, and hold stocks. All of this is done in…

‘Only 1% of Super-Rich South Koreans’ Willing to Invest in Crypto – Survey

Crypto investment has hit sky-high levels in South Korea this year, with trading volumes at most exchanges breaking all sorts of records, leaving stock market volumes in the dust behind. The issue of crypto has even infiltrated mainstream politics, where it could set to determine the result of next year’s presidential elections.But despite the fact that candidates are resorting to manifesto pledges as ambitious as possible free token giveaways, the nation’s super-rich are still shying away from coins like bitcoin (BTC) –…

Song fi Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) Allow Musicians and Artists to Finally “See the Money” Along…

Song fi Founder Stevie Marco with Honorary Song fi Member Stevie Wonder Discussing Song fi’s NFT Global Marketplace Launch
Song fi Founder Stevie Marco Strikes a Chord With Musicians and Artists by Pioneering the NFT Financial Revolution for the Arts, Fans and Collectors
“For fans who want to support the Artist, now is your chance. NFT’s will become the virtual stock market for the Arts”.”— Stevie MarcoWASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Songfi.com is the home of the…

3D NFT Launch Is a Game-Changer – With a ‘Street Fighter’ – Quality Game Included

This Thursday, November 11, NIFTY APE NATION debuts its next-generation, 3D interactive, AI-capable NFTs, showing what a talented, independent team of coders and digital artists can do (hint: it involves an actual Metaverse, not the idea of one), setting in motion a cascade of expanding opportunities for the NFT community, from e-commerce, to tech to governance, and beyond. Behind this collection, is the following narrative: the ‘apes’ or retail stock traders, representing the 99%, are fighting for a transparent and fair stock market – think Occupy Wall St. 2.0.
As Robbie Norris, Chief…

1 Number Shows Why Cardano and Solana Are More Exciting Than Shiba Inu, Ethereum, and Bitcoin

Over the long run, investing in the stock market has been one of the most-effective ways to build wealth and achieve financial independence. Even though stocks don’t outpace bonds and commodities every year, they’ve handily trumped bonds and commodities in terms of average annual gain over multiple decades.
But in the short-term, cryptocurrencies have absolutely run circles around Wall Street. Whereas the benchmark S&P 500 has more than doubled since hitting its pandemic low in March 2020, the market value of all cryptocurrencies has almost grown…

Crypto Blockchain Industries Listing on Paris Stock Exchange

French company Crypto Blockchain Industries will be listed on the Paris Euronext Growth stock market.

The listing on the European multilateral trading facility highlights the burgeoning appeal of cryptocurrencies around the world. The company plans to list its shares at a price of €2, which would give it a market capitalization of around €38.7 million ($45 million).

Crypto developments in France

Although not typically in the headlines with regard to cryptocurrencies, France is making developments on several fronts.

In August, French fund management…

Crypto Tesla Token Drops 7% Ahead Of Elon Musk’s Dump

The crypto Tesla token has dropped 7% in price following Elon Musk’s tweet asking his followers whether he should sell 10% of his shares in the company.
Crypto Tesla Token Drops 7% In Value Ahead Of Elon Musk’s Dump
As pointed out by an analyst on Twitter, the Tesla crypto coin dropped 6.8% after Musk put out a poll asking his followers whether he should dump 10% of his shares or not.
Built on the blockchain, the token in question is based on the company’s stock and can be traded throughout the year, 24 hours a day.
Since the stock market closes on…

Aqarchain.io to Launch the First Decentralized Real Estate NFT Marketplace

Aqarchain.io, a leader in Prop-tech, FinTech real estate and hybrid real estate investment, has showcased the first global blockchain powered real estate crowd funding marketplace, where investing in real estate is as easy as investing in shares on the stock market. Aqarchain.io has presented at the first global blockchain platform to offer fractional NFT for properties during Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai UAE held in conjunction with Gitex 2021.

GameStop memes even harder with ‘Web3 Gaming’ and NFT job listings

After a rollercoaster of a year on the stock market fueled by WallStreetBets retail trading, GameStop is going full meme and looking to build a “Web3” platform, according to a flurry of job listings posted to its careers site on Monday. One of those ads, discovered by CoinDesk, is a LinkedIn listing for a “Head of Web3 Gaming” in which the company says it’s looking for someone to “accelerate the future of gaming and commerce” based on blockchains.
If you’re lucky enough to…

How Is Machine Learning Used For Stock Market Prediction?

Machine Learning is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) application that allows devices to learn from their experiences and better themselves without the need for coding. For example, when you shop on any website, it displays similar searches such as This was also noticed by purchasers.
Learn Machine Learning Course From the Experts Of The Best Machine Learning Training Institute In Noida.
What precisely is the stock market?
A stock trade is a public market wherein you may buy and sell partakes…

The First Bitcoin-Related Fund Makes Its Stock Market Debut

Since then, things have been pretty tame. In an earlier edition of this newsletter, I wrote about non-fungible tokens and how we should think of them as online communes and not only as get-rich-quick schemes. The mix of shared purpose and alienation in NFT online communities came, in part, from earlier iterations of Bitcoiners, who, aside from spreading their gospel, would proselytize about everything from food choices (for a while, a whole bunch of Bitcoin maximalists I know ate only meat)…

What you need to about Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) – Catching News

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are platforms that allow the peer to peer exchange of assets without the involvement of a centralized authority or intermediary such as brokers. It is a type of autonomous decentralized application.

3 Tiny Stocks Primed to Explode The world’s greatest investor — Warren Buffett — has a simple formula for making big money in the markets. He buys up valuable assets when they are very cheap. For stock market investors that means buying up cheap small…

Real-Time Stock News Sentiment Analyzer

Natural Language ProcessingInvesting in the Stock Market is a great way of tackling Inflation. Inflation refers to the rise in the prices of most goods and services of daily or common use, such as food, clothing, housing, recreation, transport, consumer staples, etc. Basically, with 100 rupees you won’t be able to buy as many vada pavs (wadapavs) as you could last year.In the pandemic-struck financial year of 2020–2021 a whopping 142 lakh new investors have started trading in the…

Building a Structured Financial Newsfeed Using Python, SpaCy and Streamlit – KDnuggets

By Harshit Tyagi, Data Science Instructor | Mentor | YouTuber

One of the very interesting and widely used applications of NLP is Named Entity Recognition(NER).

Getting insights from raw and unstructured data is of vital importance. Uploading a document and getting the important bits of information from it is called information retrieval.

Information retrieval has been a major task/challenge in NLP. And NER(or NEL — Named Entity Linking) is used in several domains(finance, drugs, e-commerce, etc.) for information retrieval purposes.

In this tutorial post, I’ll show you how you can leverage NEL to develop a custom stock market news feed that lists down the buzzing stocks on the internet.


There are no such pre-requisites as such.


The Unicorn Might Be Very Profitable — If It Existed

Jeffrey Funk and Gary Smith, well known to many of our readers, have just published an article at MarketWatch, warning against heedless optimism about “unicorn” stocks. As they put it, “The stock market unleashes its ‘animal spirits’ on an animal that doesn’t exist.” They begin by pointing out that most new businesses flop.

The president of one venture capital company estimated the chance of success at one in 1,000. An SEC study of 500 randomly selected new issues found that 43% were confirmed bankrupt, 25% were losing money but still afloat, and 12% had disappeared without a trace. Of the remaining 20%, just 12 companies seemed solid successes — a scant 2% of the companies surveyed.

Jeffrey Funk and Gary N. Smith, “Opinion: Bullish optimism boosting ‘unicorn’ stocks is more like delirium — and a harsh dose of reality is coming” at MarketWatch (August 17, 2021)


Consider how several prominent unicorns have fared over their years of existence.


Outlier detection with time-series data mining

In a previous blog I wrote about 6 potential applications of time series…. To recap, they are the following:

  1. Trend analysis
  2. Outlier/anomaly detection
  3. Examining shocks/unexpected variation
  4. Association analysis
  5. Forecasting
  6. Predictive analytics

Here I am focusing on outlier and anomaly detection. Important to note that outliers and anomalies can be synonymous, but there are few differences, although I am not going into those nuances.


In terms of definition, an outlier is an observation that significantly differs from other observations of the same feature. If a time series is plotted, outliers are usually the unexpected spikes or dips of observations at given points in time. A temporal dataset with outliers have several characteristics:

  • There is systematic pattern (which is deterministic) and some variation (which is stochastic)
  • Only a few data points are outliers
  • Outliers are significantly different from the rest of the data



The 10 Rules of Building Wealth

Dealing with the financial circle of our lives can sometimes feel overwhelming. Whether we’re looking to invest in the stock market (and what does it have to do with Game Stop?) or interrogating our spending habits so that we can reach a savings goal, there can be a lot of conflicting advice out there.

But as The ONE Thing authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan recently discussed on the Think Like A CEO podcast, sound advice doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, some of the insights may sound familiar. As Gary says, “It’s not going to sound like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’d never heard of that or never thought of that.’ They’re very practical, but they’re very essential to think this way.”

“The reality is a lot of people don’t follow [these rules] either because they’re unaware of them or, sometimes, it’s not easy, right.… Read more...