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Hedge Funds Suffered The Worst Week In Six Months… And That Was Before Friday

While last week’s Black (or rather red) Friday’s illiquid market meltdown was one for the post-Thanksgiving ages, and the collapse for oil bulls was one of the worst daily drops in history, we expect much of the selloff to reverse in the coming hours as the narrative that (C)omicron is the second coming of the bubonic plague, is quickly played down even by the biggest propaganda agents after even the doctors that discovered the Moronic Omicron strain said it was “extremely mild” and is likely destabilized by the dozens of spike protein mutations.Unfortunately, the reversal of Friday’s…

Rhonda Patrick vs Byram Bridle — Coronavirus Vaccination

Last Saturday, Rhonda Patrick held her monthly members-only Q&A. The email invitation said that “misinformation on COVID-19 and mRNA vaccines” would be the prioritized theme, and that she’d specifically seek to address the following three questions:
“Ivermectin has been getting more press lately and seems like a hugely compelling Covid prophylaxis and treatment. Can you comment on this at all?
Can you address why people are saying the spike protein from mRNA vaccines are cytotoxic?
Does the spike protein made by the mRNA in the covid vaccine stay in the shoulder…

Vaccines, Spike Protein and Bioweapons

Las vacunas están diseñadas para esterilizar y lobotomizar a la población, y asexualizar a los niños. El objetivo es fabricar seres asexuados obedientes e irreproducibles; los sujetos no compatibles con esta nueva tecnología son bajas colaterales. El aparato de propaganda vende todo ello de forma similar: “es por su seguridad” (für ihre sicherheit).

Vaccine Disaster Ahead
Geert Vanden Bossche


WHO insider blows whistle on Gates and GAVI global health dictatorship



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